10 Popular and Bestselling Themeforest WordPress Themes of 2015

It is without a doubt that WordPress sets the mainstream when it comes to website building. It is the main platform which most bloggers use due to its quality, flexibility and functionality features. With WordPress, a blogger or website builder can combine existing features with their personality and ideas without compromising authenticity and professionalism. No wonder that a lot of online visitors get hooked to some website concept and niches powered by the WordPress platform.

This 10 popular and top selling WordPress themes of 2015 will likewise allow you to customize pages and experiment around. All these were created having that in mind, so you can have additional portfolio page, switch the content or share layouts on social media sites. There are relentless options, and the template installation is very easy and can be done in just a minute. Checkout this list and choose among which best suit you.

1. Avada

If you are looking for a versatile theme, this WordPress theme is the best choice. It is perfect for any kind of website you wish to setup. It is a hassle-free option. In the words of Collis Ta’eed, it is the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes.”
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2. X

Unlike other existing themes nowadays, it breaks the weekly top seller record on Themeforest and the fastest selling theme too! What is more, X broke $1,000,000 sales in 6 months. Besides that, the theme introduced the idea of stacks, which are basic and distinct designs that comes in the theme. Instead of choosing from a selection layout and skin schemes, you will choose among the available stacks which are for free. By using the stacks, the X guarantees the originality of one site from the other.
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3. Enfold

Among the items of popular and bestselling WordPress themes listed on this post, this particular entry has reached a grand improvement during the years. The updates made by the Enfold theme developer is the biggest efforts by far. Aside from being a multi-purpose theme, several new elements, functions and options are featured by this theme.
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4. Bridge

Another popular WordPress theme intended for an array of versatile niches is the Bridge premium theme. On top of an engaging audience interface, it boasts a retina display for mobile-friendly experience. It also adopts a minimalist layout equipped with features including dropdown menus, side menus, suggestive icons and other functional elements for design.
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5. BeTheme

Do you want to achieve an impressive-looking blog or website for a price below $60? A “yes” to this question is what BeTheme numerous site owners out there have in mind too. Most of the websites that uses this WordPress theme designed it for blogging, business portfolio, spa, leisure, food and DJ. But of course, the BeTheme WordPress theme is not conclusive to those niches. It can be used to whatever purpose you have in mind.
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6. The7

This popular theme has record-breaking sales of 15,000 in a year span. It has over 100 features since its launching and improvements do not stop there as its developers continue to update it even at press time. The7 customization is made easy with it. You can also take advantage of its mobile-friendly feature and simple installation process.
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7. Salient

Another popular premium theme which is right partner if “design” is what you have in mind is the Salient WordPress theme. It is not only sleek and professional but also captivating as well. It is very unique among the other bestselling theme as it is supported by a video background. Salient offers two-blog style option: the masonry and the general.
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8. Kallyas

Among the themes listed, Kallyas is a fresh pick as it only earned popularity on February. It is incredibly striking and versatile that it already sol half of its amount at the start of the year. It is indeed beyond its appearance – it pretty much completes your ecommerce needs!
kallyas wordpress theme
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9. Brooklyn

It is a “one-item-have-all” kind of WordPress theme when its features and customization process is concerned. Brooklyn is another multipurpose theme that is modern, elegant, simple and interactive. It was first developed to target presentation websites but with its latest updates, it is now inclined to be at par with other premium themes out there.
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10. Stockholm

Stockholm was developed having in mind function and purpose. It is a Select Themes creation and is among the functional and well-thought WordPress themes that is widely used and purchased by websites today. Stockholm WordPress theme is simple yet creative and multi-purpose.
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