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OptimizePress System is a marketing tool that works perfectly with WordPress publishing platform. This marketing tool is available in the market today to help you create a sales page sites in an instant. You can make full use of this system to give you a hassle-free experience in creating new website that is run by WordPress.

OptimizePress System is described as:

  • Powerful – OprtimizePress System is a very powerful marketing tool that is focus in giving particular types of website that you want to create. This tool is designed and developed to give each online marketer the best features for their online business and to give them tremendous sales and income with the use of their sales pages online. OptimizePress System is well-known in its power to take your sales page into a new level of experience when it comes to making sales in your online business.
  • Faster Site Creation – OptimizePress is a very user-friendly marketing tool that allows you to create a sales page quicker than ever before. All details of your sales page is just a click away with thousands of options to mesh around that lets you take your website into the farthest level that you can imagine.
  • Partner in business – OptimizePress is a known tool to help your site capture leads, create list, sell products, launch courses, introduce new products, deliver content and more. The primary goal of OptimizePress team is to give their customers a successful turn-out of their online business whether what type of business it could be, OptimizePress System is on your back to help you out in starting your business.
  • 24/7 customer support – OptimizePress team is reliable and very supportive that will help you from scratch to success in creating your sales page sites. You will not have any problem in starting out your online business because OptimizePress System has all the tutorial videos that you might need in creating your own sales pages. The team and its founder are willing to give you a one on one tutorial to make sure that your site will receive the best.

How to create a new sales page with the use of OptimizePress?

In creating a new sales page with the use of OptimizePress System, you will have so many options to choose from and most of this buttons are clickable which are easy to understand as well. These buttons are provided for OptimizePress users to help online marketers create a website without any codes involved.

Here are the options that you need to know how to customize to make your OptimizePress sales page running:

General Settings

  • General Settings is an option in your dashboard that allows you to set all of the major settings of your sales page like main text fonts, headers, logos, bullets, Facebook sharing option, footer favicon and so many other options. You can easily edit every detail in your sales pages by just clicking every button in the settings.

 Instant Pages

  • OptimizePress System has Instant Pages which helps you create sales pages in an instant. You can easily select what types and styles of templates you want to use for your sales page. This library of templates helps you find the right template for your website in an instant whether you are looking for a sales pages, squeeze pages, launch funnel pages, essential pages or blog pages templates, all of the options are one click away. Just select what type of template you need and select which one you want your page to look like. You may use these templates available in the gallery of OptimizePress to create a sales page a lot faster.

 Squeeze Pages

  • Under Instant Pages, you can choose any squeeze page templates of your choice. All of the squeeze pages are tested and optimized for any possible conversions you want to create in your page to help you find the best design that will best fit for your page.

Sales/Offer/Funnel Pages

  • The templates under the sales page tab can be use in any sales letter you want to help you boost the customers of your page. These templates can be use as affiliate page, offer page, bonus page or any other types of page you desire.

Launch Funnel Pages / Product Launch Pages

  • This tab helps you create launch pages in an instant. If you are planning to launch a new product, these templates can be use to help you introduce any product of your choice faster and with ease of editing without any codes involved in your pages.

Essential Pages

  • Essential Pages helps you create additional pages for your sales page like Privacy Policy pages, Terms of Service pages, Contact pages and Disclaimer pages.

After selecting your chosen template from the OptimizePress Instant Pages, you may start adding details for your sales pages by customizing the sales page options of your website’s dashboard. The options under your sales page control panel are fully customizable and it’s ready for any conversions that you may want for your page.

Membership Options

  • OptimizePress helps you create membership pages with just a click of button. You can use ready templates for your membership pages under OptimizePress. The templates is easy to customize and can fully support your need for membership pages. OptimizePress is also providing tutorials to help you manage your members in your membership page.

Blog Options

  • In introducing a new product, you may also use built in blog pages of OptimizePress to help you introduce your products online. You can use the functions of blog pages as part of the launching of your site and your new product. All the details and settings of creating your blog site is ready for customization in this blog options.

SEO Options

  • SEO Options of OptimizePress is ready for any possible changes that you may want for your site. You can use the SEO options under OptimizePress or disable the options if you are using separate SEO plug-ins. Boxes and details of your SEO options is ready for your page customization.

Sales Letter Nav Bar

  • Sales Letter Nav Bar for sales letter is an option to customize the look of your page navigation toolbar. You can click the navigation bar options to change the details of your navigation toolbar. You can edit the colors, alignments, fonts, backgrounds and other details of your nav bar fast and easy in which way you may want your navigation bar to look like.

  Squeeze Page Nav Bar

  • Squeeze Page Nav Bar for squeeze pages is an option the same as the Sales Page Nav Bar that will help you customize the look of your page navigation toolbar. You can edit the colors, alignments, fonts, backgrounds and other details of your nav bar with this OptimizePress option.

Funnel Config

  • Funnel Config option helps your site to configure the settings of your page. You can activate the options for numerous details of your page like choose launch type, number of launch pages, cookies, gateway system and others. OptimizePress has tutorials for this option if you are not so familiar with the items listed under this tab option for your sales page.

Funnel Page Setup

  • After configuring the settings in the Funnel Config’s tab option, you can now customize the details by setting up the option in the Funnel Page Setup. Tutorials are also provided for this option for additional information on how to use launch pages for your sale page site.

Every options in OptimizePress is clickable and customizable, you can edit all of the items in your sales page according to what suits your needs and any conversions that you are about to do is possible because OptimizePress is designed to be very flexible and user-friendly. With just few clicks and editing you can have a new sales page site in an instant.

Here is a sample of what OptimizePress System can offer you:

Truly OptimizePress is a click and drag system that allows you to create the most powerful sales pages for your business. You can create the most advanced and attractive sales page that you want to showcase your products in the online market. You don’t have to be savvy or code expert in using OptimizePress System, the team behind OptimizePress has step by step tutorials to help you run and customize your sales pages. Purchase OptimizePress today and start making money with your online business.

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