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10 Best WordPress Development Books You Ever Need

digging into wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tool widely used by millions of site owners all around the world. It is used by businesses, organizations, blogs and almost all types of websites are hooked to WordPress. Aside from its popularity in the World Wide Web, WordPress is also user-friendly and easy to modify, making it very usable. You can find lots of free software and plugins that can be integrated easily to your WordPress sites. There are many benefits in using WordPress blogging tool that can help you create any site of your choice in a short period of time.

The fact of being free and open source, millions of its users are really having a hard time in digging it deeper. You have to expand your ability in managing WordPress to compete in the rising competition, just to make sure your site has an edge in making it on top.

If you really want to take your WordPress sites into the next level, you must be an expert to make it work just like a pro. While working on the development of your WordPress sites, WordPress development books can be a perfect tool to enhance what you know and to make things a little closer to perfect.

We have the list of the best WordPress books to help you while developing your site, these development books can give you in-depth insights about WordPress, check this out:

WordPress for Dummies – $15.08

wordpress for dummies

WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson is one of the bestselling WordPress books for beginners. This book is a helpful tool when it comes to understanding primary factors of WordPress. It has numerous updated versions that can help you pick up the pieces for new updated features of WordPress. This book is proven effective for people without wide background about WordPress, with over 100k plus copies sold worldwide. See other series of WordPress for Dummies for more extensive guide in building your WordPress sites at very affordable prices. See also: WordPress All-in-One for Dummies, WordPress Web Design for Dummies and WordPress for Dummies 1st to 6th editions.

Buy: WordPress for Dummies

Professional WordPress: Design and Development – $36.17

proffesional wordpress

Professional WordPress: Design and Development is a book created by Brad Williams, David Damstra and Hal Stern for all WordPress users. This book is one of the most popular guide for WordPress users who wants to take their expertise in designing and developing WordPress into the next level. With this book’s complete and comprehensive up-to-date details that covers HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 chapters. This book is fully loaded with reliable resources carefully studied and collected to give you awesome WordPress designs.

Buy: Professional WordPress: Design and Development

WordPress: The Missing Manual – $18.22

wordpress the missing manual

WordPress: The Missing Manual is perfect for both WordPress beginners and experts, created by Matthew MacDonald. With this book, you will learn to create sites in all sizes and shapes, from simple blogs to the best professional sites. This book can help you enhance the design and performance of your websites through adding widgets from the thousands of instructions and options from the book and it will surely help you create the site you exactly want with more comprehensive details.

Buy: WordPress: The Missing Manual

Web Designer’s Guide To WordPress – $28.51

web-designers guide to wordpress

Web Designer’s Guide To WordPress is a book that can guide your skills into becoming an expert web designer. It covers the simplest guide of WordPress up to mastering installation and development, perfect for designers who wish to work with WordPress on development server. It can help you create perfect site plans and architecture, maintain responsive design and develop advanced WordPress themes. You can get all of these through Web Designer’s Guide To WordPress and its step by step tutorials.

Buy: Web Designer’s Guide To WordPress 

Digging Into WordPress – Currently out of stock

digging into wordpress

Digging Into WordPress is basically about anything that concerns WordPress, from scratch to maintenance up to years and years of your site’s existence, created by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. This book has all the practical information about WordPress, with its 400 pages content, you will surely learn everything that you need beyond the surface of reading. It is packed with color-coded 12 chapters that will provide you the easiest and quickest run through from page to page. Digging Into WordPress is a beautiful book that has lots of sample codes that can be used directly right into your site to maximize the performance and design options.

Buy: Digging Into WordPress

The Clean Coder – $34.98

the clean coder

The Clean Coder is a book series created by Robert C. Martin for WordPress enthusiasts. The aim of this book is to produce designers that follows the basic WordPress craftsmanship, techniques and tools, with practical details on how to become expert coders. This is a handbook that gets you code while learning to deal with any conflicts in the future. This book is perfect in handling technical situations and software upgrades.

Buy: The Clean Coder

Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog – $30.96

smashing wordpress

Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog is a popular WordPress book series by the expert guru, Thord Daniel Hedengren. This book will teach you step-by-step tutorials on developing WordPress model sites before the actual building. Hedengren will help you build themes with latest features, perfect widgets with functions, custom post types, backgrounds, headers, login forms and many more.

Buy: Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog

WordPress for Web Developers: An Introduction for Web Professionals – $30.29

wordpress for web developers

WordPress for Web Developers: An Introduction for Web Professionals is a book series written by Stephanie Leary. This book is a complete web building guide for WordPress professionals, from basic installation up to customize plugins and fields. You can find honest and reputable recommendations from the writer herself to all aspects of WordPress.

Buy: WordPress for Web Developers: An Introduction for Web Professionals

WordPress: Pushing the Limits – $34.56

wordpress pushing the limits

WordPress: Pushing the Limits is a unique book for WordPress, written by Rachel McCollin. This book is focus in giving you real experiences and working advices from different clients and developers that handles bigger and larger sites. It will help you more in pushing beyond your comfort zone enable for you to compete with the very competitive web marketplace like a pro.

Buy: Wordpress: Pushing the Limits

Teach Yourself Visually Complete WordPress – $22.78

teach yourself visually wordpress

Teach Yourself Visually Complete WordPress is an advanced WordPress book for beginners who wants to move forward after setting up their sites. Learn more and do more with this book of WordPress knowledge that can provide you detailed instructions with accompanied screenshots. It will teach you how to get maximum results by using recommended tools for WordPress.

Buy: Teach Yourself Visually Complete WordPress

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