10 Game Changers in Web Hosting

moving to new web hosting
A lot of reasons could be attributed before a business decides to make “game changing” options insofar as their web hosting provider is concerned. The common reasons are: low disk space, frequent server breakdowns and poor customer service response.

The good news however is that switching to a different web hosting provider is not that overwhelming at all. We will help you on that by giving you these 10 game changers in web hosting. By “game changers” we mean the crucial factors that will make or break your decision of moving to a different hosting provider. Here they are…

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1. OS Type

In choosing a different and new hosting provider, you must consider certain aspects as the operating system (OS). We advise that in case of migration you use the same OS because it will be easier that way. Unless, for exigent reasons, you need to change then do so. Otherwise, no. If you plan on changing a new OS, you must check with your new provider whether that OS is offered by them.

Also, on top of your OS, your website needs MySQL or Access databases. MySQL is both compatible with Linux and Windows but Access only prefers Windows.
os type

2. Bandwidth

This is highly important as it affects your website page. There are even web hosting services that offer higher bandwidth with unlimited disk space at similar costs. In this regard, you should make an assessment on your options.
web hosting bandwidth

3. Uptime

This usually pertains to your website’s online visibility. Hence, uptime is a consideration in terms of server breakdown. You should know by now that your customers tend to get annoyed whenever this happen. Breakdowns likewise affect your credibility. In worst case scenarios, you may be losing thousands on investments when your uptime is poor. So you should opt for 100% uptime. In relation to this, you need to check whether or not your new web hosting service conducts regular maintenance—both during peak or non-peak hours.
web hosting uptime

4. Customer Support

Excellent customer service is very important when you choose a new web hosting provider. Hence, you must know first whether your chosen customer service is available 24/7 either via phone, mobile or live chat. These communication channels ensure fast and efficient response. Check out your provider’s website to further know how credible they are.
customer support

5. Website Back-up

Moving to a different hosting provider entails ensuring the safety of your website from possible breakdown including loss of files, images, applications, plugins, scripts, HTML codes, etc. You must ensure through the use of FTP for your file downloads.
website backup

6. Email Configuration

After you decide to change your hosting provider, be sure that you recheck that you made an email configuration. Otherwise, your email service may lead to a failure.
email configuration

7. DNS propagation

As soon as you transfer to a new hosting service provider, you must not forget to submit your DNS to the new provider. Otherwise, you will be assigned to a different (though temporary) IP address. With this, you can make an assessment whether or not website is very functional. You must ensure that you made changes with your domain name when need be. If this is the case, you must inform the domain registrar as they will advise you on the changes. If there are built in tools for your domain registrar, it will be a lot easier.
dns propagation

8. Internal Links

After the process of your transfer is complete, it is now time that you check the tools for your internal links. Ensure that your links are perfect as you make transitions. You must also check for errors, log files as well as troubleshooting issues.
internal links

9. Run Test

Testing your new website after you move to a new provider is important. In doing so, you will know if your website works perfectly especially on the look and features of your web pages, applications, plugins, etc.
website test

10. Old Account Cancellation

After you are through with all the transition process requirements, you must close your web hosting account with your previous provider. It is recommended to keep the old account live for one week as your backup plan until such time that you are certain that you will push through with the transition phase.
old account cancellation

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