10 Interesting Blogs and Websites Today

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This post is a compilation of the best, well-designed, unique and simply amazing websites we came across all throughout our quest for the best content we can come up with for this entry. We cannot tell you our criteria in this compilation but we can say that you have encountered the following blogs listed below every day. So to spice-up your curiosity what these interesting blogs and websites are, read through this article to find out!


When it comes to fashion and style in the United States, only one website standout from the rest—Refinery29. It is a lifestyle website that brings women the unlimited inspiration to help them maintain a stylish and inventive life. The site connects visitors and subscribers through a 24/7 platform which covers shopping, beauty, wellness, and celebrities; providing readers some tips, tools, and tricks which are essentials in order to live a perfect life—and let the whole world know about it.

2.Everyday Carry

The concept of this website is truly out of the box. It allows you to have quick but thorough look into the pockets of different individuals and their professions. Everyday Carry was established in 2009 and since then the site has been committed to help people in discovering items that can improve their lifestyle every day; whether they prepare for an escapade or adventure, excel in work and deal with particular emergencies. Everyday Carry users are able to share every essential item they bring at work or for a particular task. They can also browse other persons’ pockets and explore their personal items related to their interests and professions. It is the website’s goal is to every their user to find the perfect tool for the job and offer a community that shares the same ideals and things.

3.Trunk Club

The website began with only one purpose: to solve a problem when shopping. Trunk Club extends a helping hand to all the men out there in shopping for clothes be it traditionally or via online. The concept is outrageously convenient and overwhelmingly unique. With the help of the guys at Trunk Club, men discover certain clothes that suit them without the hurdle and pain of shopping. There is a long list of brands and a personal shopper that goes with it. The convenience this entire concept brings cannot be found at any website or store, and for what? To deliver the best shopping experience to help guys to be at their best.


If you want really fresh news events that does not come out from same old platforms that have been providing current stories in the community. Vox allows you to understand the news better—in a different perspective or side of the story. It features a plethora of niches: politics, the latest, climate change, health, economy, justice and law, life, health and science, world and defense, culture, etc. It also features special sections of videos, maps, top 100 and card stacks.

5.Booya Fitness

Everything you need to know about fitness—and more is right here at Booya Fitness. The concept of the website is based on the passé idea of traditional fitness class which often make you cash-strapped and over-scheduled. It adapts the idea of fitness being affordable and accessible. Booya is a new perspective in looking what fitness should be: to make people feel better and confident. It guarantees unique and inspires motivation to people. With Booya, you can discover a whole-new excitement about working out.

6.Design You Trust

If you love design, you can check this website. Design You Trust is conceptualized for creative-focused individuals out there, especially those who are interested with design trends, fashion, portfolios, news and advertising.


It is the newest and ultimate online platform that offers the best online experience equipped with irresistible, shareable and clickable online content on the web. The goal of the website is to assure every reader and visitor of authentic, original and real stories without compromising news-worthiness and the tendency of it going viral. It is Clickhole’s belief that whatever is found on their site is not only for pageviews but also the real score and understandable contents to read. The website actually covers articles from politics, pop culture, social justice or trending news.

8.Feld Thoughts

A very interesting blog for all those who are interested in investments and business ventures but the catch is: they are willing to share their story to the world through this site. The concept is actually great and entirely unique. Surprisingly, the blog features lots of stories; from simple to the most intricate Feld Thoughts have it.


Technology blogs is generally technical and scarce. Some even might think that they have seen all the technology blogs and websites during their lifetime. Dcurt.is is among the best tech blog sites today. Once you open this you will notice the minimalist makeup of the platform but the content—you must read through it for you to know how the impressive the writing is! Dustin Curtis’ insights and opinions are truly insightful. The style of writing follows the Svbtle design, which allows you think the same as what your brain. It allows you to think out of the box. It is new form of blogging. So, for more interesting information and facts, check this blog!


A very interesting way to find the best book to read is through iDreamBooks. It is actually a discovery tool for all the booklovers out there by a rating-based and recommendation interface. It is based on what the experts or critics say on their reviews. These critics are not only bloggers but also from established publications such as the New York Times.

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