10 Money-Making Tips for Newbie Online Writers

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money-making tips for newbie online writers
Writers may be one of the respectable professionals today but negativities about their work profession are likewise a common notion. For instance, some people say that “writing for a living is not for keeps” or “writing is just a hobby not real work”.

A lot has already been said about the profession but this disrespect for the craft has paid off when the digital age spurred upon us all. Voila! All of us knew about technology and this advancement because writers created words that are excellent for sharing.

Photos, audios and videos, name it and all of these needs writing that are worth eating your precious time.
For the time being that we have been content marketers, we have realized necessary key points for you to have to write professionally. With these 10 tips for newbie writers, you will be able to hone your potentials, abilities and strengths so you can set yourself apart from the one that “just sell” to the one that is worth keeping.

passion for writing

1. Passion for writing

If you are passionate about writing, you should stop accepting writing jobs and assignments for cash. You can start anew and change the deal of the game—for the better. The writing profession is not about the amount money you will have but how many people you have served and touched lives.

in love with words

2. In love with words

This may sound a little sentimental but as a terrific writer this part of the game is elementary. You cannot be the best writer there is if you do not have that love for what you do—love for words. Nothing could substitute the knack for writing because at the end of the day your readers will simply know that secret of yours.

Remember: your love will eventually exemplify on how you will carry out that material of yours. After all, words matter in this game.

eye for service

3. Eye for Service

Free-writing can be an interesting art because here you are pursuing experience and truths for your sake. But things changed the moment you have an audience to focus on or when money becomes your goal for a pay check.

Writers must have an attitude for service; for the truth and not some flowery verses that got them off their needs. Novelists, content creators and copywriters have all these in common. Despite your proficiency in words and love for writing, if the audience does not like it, it goes in the trash.

pride and confidence

4. Pride and Confidence

Insecurity is the reason why the best and capable writers do not emerge as extraordinary. But this is not a hopeless matter that could not be cured.

Confidence simply means showing authority on the material made. It is based on research, professionalism and the impact you would like to impart. It comes from long hours (sometimes days, weeks, months or years) of constant practice, which hones your potentials and talents.

This is where most capable writers are humble because to them humility signifies that they are in constant improvement and refinement.

practice and training

5. Practice and Training

A lot of people think that proficiency in grammar alone is the key to landing a job in the writing profession. Wrong! It takes more than just that—professional writers are planners and strategists. They know what article could attract a person’s attention so it can stand out amidst competition.

Also, the secret to a solid content come from practice and training such as seminars and short online writing courses.

authority and control

6. Authority and Control

Perhaps you are a grammar wiz or a chronic planner but if you are not meeting your deadline everything will just go into the drain. In this field, authority and control is signified by discipline, one which can be mastered through time.
Professional writers need to exert certain efforts to meet certain work requirements e.g. meeting deadlines, keeping clients updated and prompt giving of invoice to clients.


7. A Businessman Mind

By now, we think that we have already establish the fact that money thrives in writing—all sorts of writing-related profession in fact. Fiction, journalism, feature writing, etc. name it and you will be compensated. Of course, the degree of compensation is relative.

The money in writing thrives well in business contents. The job is very interesting, in demand and hones your research and investigatory skills. A lot of your abilities will be put to action once you decide to write for companies. Nothing is boring about this job.

In addition, you will also learn how to market yourself. This part is sort of the hard part for writers in this field. The need to apply certain strategies is high not only for the business you write for but likewise for yourself as well.

content marketing

8. Independence

Writers go by their instincts, their guts and their intuition. No one tells you direction or gives you a map to know that you are on the right track. What is more, you are all by yourself. Some people would even say that this profession is for lonely and weird people. However, contrary to what they think this is one of the upside of it. There are also community of writers out there should you feel a little lonesome. Like you they are also weird (but in a good way) and quirky, funny and fun to be with.

take it from the expert

9. Take it from the Expert

Now that we have established that you have a knack for writing. The next thing to do is find support so you can improve more of yourself and your writing talent. There are a lot of resources which you can avail both online and offline. In these courses, you will be able to get tips and advices from the successful content marketers where you can get your inspiration. You can also choose courses to take so you can upgrade your headlines, persuasive writing and more.

stay focused

10. Stay Focused

At the end of the day, what should really matter is your drive and determination to earn for a living while maintaining that bliss at work. Keep that kind of attitude and believe that you can succeed!

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