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Celebrity websites are a staple these days. Fans pay a lot of attention when it comes to their idols just to get the latest buzz about them and the perfect platform to do this right is the celebrity’s own personal website!

For celebrities, maintaining a website is in addition to facebooking and tweeting and other social media marketing—and is equally important too. These websites share to the world more specific details to what stardom is all about and so that fans can relate to it and know more juicy stuff about a celebrity’s lifestyle.

So, why is it that these stars think that it is important? For one, it resemble a good marketing material which they can use to connect with the user—their fans. A great content on the website helps a lot too. Are you excited to know who of today’s stars maintain one of the most impressive websites? We will not be giving you so much of a fuss anymore; here are the 10 of today’s hottest stars and their impressive websites.

1.The Website of Mystery

Tim Burton has made a lot of classics in Hollywood; Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas are just two of these popular films. So this explains why his website was made-up with such glint of mystery and strangeness (not to mention that eerie music on the background). At first glance, you might think that it is more of a video game than an online platform—inviting you to navigate across a remote character. As you cross the hallway, doors leading you to the Public and Private galleries await you. Of course, you need to become a member in order to pass through the private gallery door but we do think once you have scanned the public gallery section your curiosity will already suffice as the room is decorated with colourful paintings made by Burton himself.

2.The Website of the Spotless Mind

We entitled this next entry as “website of the spotless mind” because of two things; one, to honor Michel Gondry’s Oscar award-winning screenplay of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and two because his website encapsulates how “spotless” it is. In total, the website is creatively put together with a cartoon figure that resembles Gondry; surrounded by French film trailers, gallery, news and Gondrybutions displayed in boxes that expand before your eyes. In case you do not who this brilliant mind is, he is the director of so many motion pictures, product commercials, clothing trailers and iconic music videos.

3.The Website of a Rebel

We have seen her growing up before our eyes as Hannah Montana until the time she broke up and ended her engagement with Liam Hemsworth. She is very talented and wild. The latter is perhaps an understatement with the number of headlines she recently made. But can we blame her? Definitely, not. That is maybe why Miley Cyrus’ designed her website to showcase her personality—wild, messy and fun. It is not too chic or shabby but a combination of the right things. Of course, Miley may want not to overdo things especially that the people she represents are those youngsters who are going through puberty. The website is a perfect hangout for all young “rebels” out there.

4.The Website of the Dancing Diva

Next to the Bangerz queen is the equally loud and controversial Britney Spears who remained on top all these years. Besides her bestselling records, impressive dance numbers and music videos, her official website is not bad either. Her website is a perfect sample of an engaging website with responsive design. It is very updated too with photos of her latest Pretty Girls act with Iggy Azalea. Britney also have links to her social networks—Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The website is purposely made to update the fans about Spears’ life and career. On top of that it is both mobile and user-friendly, so that fans can simply scan it whenever and wherever they want to be with their idol.

5.The Website of a Sweet Princess

Sweet. This is what the 1989 songstress’ website is about. The design is upbeat, modern and unique, not to mention photographically appealing. It features the latest endeavours that Miss 1989 is up to these days. The website layout is very edgy too, more of an advertisement for Taylor than an engaging site for her fans. It revolves primarily on her music and not so much about her personal stuff.

6.The Website of a Total Performer

Despite being jested for not having won any Oscars yet, Leonardo DiCaprio remained to showcase the best of himself in the movies he appeared on. He is still a prolific performer for films and this is not a surprise as all of it made great records on the box office. His website is just about that—a resemblance of his achievements. The information about DiCaprio’s career is featured on the site through the columns spread on the page. Very slick for the eyes just like Leonardo himself. Everything you want to know is right here: news, latest tweets, upcoming movies and more.

7.The Website of RiRi

She is controversial, talented and alluring which equally fits the elements found on her website. On the homepage, you will see a slideshow featuring different photos of Rihanna and alongside it are bits of information about her which can click on and read. It is visually appealing and have contents about Rihanna’s life, news, tours, discography and a lot more.

8.The Prismatic Website

She became famous for her catchy melodies and overbearing outfits as well as outlandish production, and Katy Perry simply presented all that on her website. It is very fanciful with various background photos of her alternating across the page. It is very bright yet appealing on the eyes. As you enter the page, you will see links to Katy’s news and recent appearances. There are also links to her album, videos, events and concert dates. Tweets are also presented in a bubble-speech fashion and visitors can reply or retweet through that.

9.The Website of Boxes

Mr. Carter’s accomplishments are on the spotlight of his own website. It is a fusion of talent, style, entertainment and culture all-featuring a couple of boxes that contains information. The contents are impressive too, which ranges from articles, news, interviews and videos. Jay-Z’s website is a brilliant and innovative piece of art that combines functionality with features. It can be a personal favourite of all.

10.The Website of a Funny Man

He is hilarious and so does Jim Carrey’s website, not to mention aesthetically quirky, creative, interactive and functional. All of the impressive elements of a highly-technical website are present except made in an engaging manner. On the site are biographies displayed in the moving eye’s pupil; news are afloat the zeppelin; filmography channelled to a mystical place where his popular film characters are found. Tweets are also featured with a head chirping Carrey.

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