10 Tips on How to Improve Turtle WordPress Blog

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improve slow wordpress blog
Wordpress is a widely-used platform of today’s generation. It is being used to by a lot of people for both their websites and blog (including this one). With WordPress, everything is amazingly easy and manageable. But the moment you install some plugins, import images on the database, your WordPress platform seem to slow down a bit.

As we all know, speed makes a lot of difference to your blog site or website. It is significant insofar as your ranks in search engines are concerned. Let’s take Google for example. This particular search engine makes use of “Spiders” to crawl the information on your blog or website. Also referred to as “robots,” they are the ones that search for links, unique keywords and other helpful information for your website to rank.

Aside from that, speed is likewise significant in terms of your visitors. Since a lot of users are making use of the web for information, they tend to skim through each page very quickly to check the information. If your page is slow, they will for another blog or website to scan.

Now let us go no further and discuss the 10 tips on how to improve a turtle wordpress blog.

1. Website Speed Testing

So that you will know whether or not you are on the right track, you need to conduct a website speed test first. You need to assess whether or not you are doing well on a particular search engine, especially in the eyes of Google. Perhaps you can make use of Google’s Page Speed Tool for this.
improve website speed testing

2. WordPress Backup

This is an easy thing to do because you only need the BackUp WordPress plugin. This particular plugin is easy to install and allows backup to your WordPress database in just a click away. You can even automatically set it for a daily back up schedule.
wordpress backup

3. Remove Old WordPress Plugins

In order to achieve the speed you want for your website, you must keep the number of plugins to a minimum. An increase number of WordPress plugin will result to web breakdown. Go over your website and check whether you have inactive plugins. When you have one, then you must remove them. You can reinstall them some time later should you really need them. Then update the rest.
remove old wordpress plugins

4. Delete Comments

Especially the old and unrelated or the spam ones. Delete them and get the unwanted data in your WordPress Database.
delete comments

5. Choose a Fast and Reliable Hosting Provider

WordPress resources are as intensive as other CMS system. Among the main contributors of slow speed is a very low hosting performance. Take note that Shared Hosting is being shared with a number of websites; the reason why it is cheap. This particular type of hosting is not perfect with websites that are database driven like WordPress. Dedicated or VPS Hosting servers will be best to choose. Also, cloud hosting is another one which we highly recommend.
improve wordpress hosting

6. Theme is Important

Choosing the proper theme is crucial because there are ones which are very slow and resource intensive. Check out some reviews and be sure that the one you choose fits your needs. You can find lot themes and you can learn a lot from them. It also includes built in features for Search Engine Optimization to help you with your rankings.
wordpress theme

7. Update your WordPress

An updated WordPress will not just help in speeding up your blog or website but it will also measure the extent of your onsite security. WordPress gives you a notification from your admin so you will be informed on the upgrade time. But before you do so, make sure you have made a backup first.
wordpress update

8. Image Update

It is very important that you set a limit on the image size you upload. Otherwise, it will incur more load time for users. Downloading would be hard as it is done through the servers of your webpage. So remember to compress and save them using JPG format.
image update

9. Use the Cache

This plugin is a great way to increase the speed of your WordPress site. It is a great idea because caching is done through WordPress plugin. They are customizable and simple to use. A standout in this area is the W3 Total Cache.
use the cache


CDN or Content Delivery Network is a server which allows you to download a large volume of image, etc. for your website into their global data centers worldwide. CloudFare is acing the race for good CDN. It is a great means to increase your WordPress website speed.

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