30 Ideas for Profitable Blog Start Ups

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blog-image001 Almost everyone nowadays wants to start a blog but not everybody knows exactly how. Well, here are thirty ideas for profitable blog start-ups. 1.  If you haven’t found an idea or niche on exactly what your blog would be about, search the web which will give you hundreds of insightful ideas on a profitable blog. Some popular blogs on the web earn pretty decent views which in turn give them an equally decent profit. 2. Once you’ve got the ideas running, list everything down onto a spread sheet. Even the half-baked ideas turn out to be decent and profitable in the end. Walk through each idea and talk to your friends about it specifically those in the business sector. Ask prospective customers what they think about your idea. Chances are you’ll gain even more ideas from their feedback and increase the chance of starting up a blog that will earn on its first week. blog-image002 3. Focus on the small details. Small details matter of which includes what niche you decide to start on. Sure you could start on the same niche as everyone else but why not try being different and start on something completely different? Think of it as being the unique and bigger fish in a pond filled with the same coloured species. 4. Try to offer something unique. Think about it, would you purchase something you know other people would have? Do the same for services or products featured on your blog. If it is highly unique and different, chances are people would flock to you. Like countless fashion brand catch phrases state: “Stand out from the crowd.” blog-image000 5. Create something that would actually help people in activities of daily life. 6. Don’t be too open. Sure your readers may send you suggestions and comments about what you should blog about. While it is advisable to heed the good advice some readers may have, it’s best to not always follow their whims and wants. It is your blog to run not theirs. 7. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers and start up your blog that way. This in some way relates to number four and five. 8. Blog about something you are completely obsessed or addicted to. Chances are you’ll find it easy to constantly update the blog plus make it an enjoyable read for visitors. blog-image004 9. Keep in mind that business is always a business. The income streams should be added on as early as possible for the money to roll in as soon as the blog starts up or a week after it has been running. 10. Slow and easy start. A blog that hires a hundred bloggers in a day isn’t exactly a smart move. Start small and build it up from there. 11. Adapt easily to change. Once there is an opportunity to write about something big, jump on the chance. 12. While blogging should be done at every point of your life if you want the income to keep rolling from all the ads and viewers, remember to put a balance between working and living. Don’t spend all your time in front of the computer. blog-image005 13. Take precaution. This should have been mentioned at the top of the list but disclaimers aren’t always a healthy way to start tips now right? Experiment in blogging like you do in real life and see where the results may take you. 14. Always start your posts with something you know about. As mentioned in number eight, write about stuff that you are obsessed about but keep it simple at first and build it up from there. 15. Always keep the list of ideas you came up with. Sure, you might have stuck to one niche idea but remember that it’s all about being flexible and adaptive. 16. Interests. To make it a long term profitable blog, your content should not only be interesting to you as the blog owner but to your readers and future readers as well. blog-image008 17. Aside from having chosen a niche, measure the number of people who would actually be interested in such niche. 18. Having a mission and vision would keep you and your blog on the right track at all times. All successful blogs have something as cheesy as this. 19. Aside from setting the mission and vision, set your objectives and goals. Long term and short term goals would be the benchmark for which the blog would be measured in terms of growth rate. blog-image006 20. Brand strategy. A few blog owners tend to overlook such detail. The value of the blog depends on you brand strategy which reflects your culture and values. 21. Apart from developing a brand strategy, also take note of your overall strategies. This is what you should stick to in spite of setbacks or drawbacks. 22. Set up a system within your blog that houses all operations. blog-image003 23. How would you run the blog? Well, this is easily answered by setting up operations tactics. 24. Brand strategies and overall strategies are two things to keep in mind for running a blog. Of course, the most vital strategy is that of the income stratagem. Is this a blog for continuous profit flow or something for passive profit? 25. After setting up an income stratagem, define the strategies of monetization. Would the blog be earning from ads, endorsements, services or products? blog-image009 26. Create an outline of the tactics you’ll be using for marketing. 27. Some blogs are forever while some aren’t. In cases such as a blog ending, there should always be an exit tactic. Would you plan to sell the blog or turn it over to a new niche? Decide such early on as the blog starts. 28. If the tough gets going, get sticking to the original process. Growing a profitable blog doesn’t happen overnight. Everything takes process to which you should stick to even if the profits start rolling in or losing out. blog-image007 29. Study the trends on various social networking site to see what other people talk about, what the news is about and what people keep searching for. 30. If you still can’t come up with ideas for a niche after all the tips mentioned above, walk around the house and look for your “hot spot.” Ideas tend to jump out at places and times when the mind wanders.

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