5 Ways to Survive as a Content Marketer in the Corporate World

We know for a fact that content marketers are the most creative persons in the world. They can thrive in almost all types of working environment. However, while it is true that creativity fuels their blood, some content marketers have a hard time adjusting with the corporate work set up. Life as a corporate content marketer is way different!

1. The Corporate World – An Intro to Bureaucracy

Working for a large company entails that you need to go with the flow of command. Since in this kind of environment you are lined up with thousands upon thousands of co-workers. Chances are you need to be in a sandbox whenever you work on your projects. You need to play well with other people in a department.

But wait… if you can do well in this kind of setting, the paychecks are high when you are in the corporate world! Let us tell you some the ways how you can survive being a corporate content marketer!

2. The Chain of Command

In the corporate world, rules are but the reality you need to fathom. The people here thrive by the book a.k.a the style guide.

A style guide is a piece of document which presents the writing rules of the company. This is the “bible” of corporate writers, which you must follow otherwise trouble will ensue. On top of this writing rule, there are companies that follow certain parameters for their logo. This has something to do with trademark.

In the corporate world, there are procedures that you must follow for everything that you do. If you are not used to this, well, start dealing with it now. You can get by. It may be too alarming at first but you can get by. The secret is only to know what the rules and follow them.

3. No Fun Just Serious Matter

Corporate content marketers do not have the luxury of topics to write about (sorry to break that to you baby). There are times when the topic is too technical and boring but you have do not have the choice but to write about it. Also, sometimes your readers are too scarce that you cannot find the strength to carry on with the task at hand. And then again, you do not have the choice but to write.

If this is the case, we suggest that you do some off-work writing. Something that will make you enjoy your job despite its boring side. Write other topics after you’re done with the serious ones. You can do this on the side to unleash your creative juices.

4. Accept Criticism of your Work

There are writers who until now do not accept that fact that critics are everywhere! They do not get it until now that it is part of the job. Well, if you want to stay long in the corporate business, you must just deal with the fact that you have to work with others—some of them will be your superiors. Most of them will make comments about how you must do your writing. This is how things are going to be. You do not have to be a prima donna when it comes to this. You need to make it part of your system—to be a thick skinned person is not bad for you. You will have to get through this.

5. Keep Your Spirits High

You need to remind yourself that at the end of the day your company is paying you because they see something in you which they don’t see in others. You are get paid by them because they believe in you. Hence, no matter what happens you must deal with the reality of the environment you are in. Of course, you must not lose yourself in the process of making good with what you do.

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