7 Ways to Start a Fabulous WordPress Fashion Blog

Are you thinking of starting your own fashion blog? Do you want to make it big and make it fabulous? Well, this is your lucky day because we will be giving you tips on how you can create both: fabulous fashion blog via WordPress.

In case you have not notice it yet fashion blogs are at the mainstream these days. Of course, as mentioned this is not just all about starting a blog. In the next paragraphs we will show you the procedure on starting any blog niche on WordPress and to ensure that you will only get the leads through it!

1. Starting a (Fashion) Blog takes some Guts

Let’s face it—blogging is a piece of work. And if you are really into it you must know by now how competitively crowded this niche is that you might be sophisticated by the mere sight of it. Well, the same is true with other niches like travel, music and sports. The noise in these areas is all cramped up endlessly!

The good news however is that not all those who are engaged in those niches are 100% successful, 95% are still struggling to the top. And this is why it is a great opportunity for you to stand out and do something great to capture the hearts of audiences who are searching for something smart and different from an outstanding and unique source.

2. Start the Job with a Domain Name and Hosting

If there is one thing that we have learned for the many years in this business is that, if you want to start a WordPress blog do not settle for a free one or those third party websites i.e. Tumblr and Blogspot. Why? Firstly, those platforms simply serve as tools for promotional purposes of your main website or blog. Hence, as a piece of advice, for you should you want to grow fully as a brand and fashion line is to have your own domain name and hosting to start that blog of yours. Most of the successful sites do this.

For your hosting, you can always have the following choices: BlueHost, IX Webhosting, Lunarpages, etc.

3. Know Your Strengths

Before you starting telling people why you are great, your must first know the reason for yourself. Find out the reason why you think you are fabulous. As mentioned earlier, you must really know the real difference of your strength so you can share it with others. There are a lot of blogs out there and until you let them know the reasons you will fail in your purpose. We are certain that you do not want that to happen. So, dig deep with you.

4. Publish Contents that are Significant

Now that you have your blog is all set up… It is now time that you focus on the more serious aspect of it—content management. In this industry, no one will buy your products or get your services if you are selling it with some crappy content. The audience are smart people too and they know whether your post is legit or not. There is more to it than that. For one, blogging is hard work and with that it entails research and at a constant pace at that.

Once your blog is all set up and running don’t just publish lame crap that you type out in five minutes and hit publish because you want to go out and drink lattes. Blogging is hard work. Sometimes I take two or three days to write one blog post. You have to make your brain work really damn hard.

5. Network, Mingle, Connect

Having a lot of friends matter a lot. Or if you are not at that stage yet, making lots of friends would be a great start. Who should you make friends with? To everyone. Make friends with co-bloggers, audiences and strangers whom can help you spread the word about your blog. At this point, it is best that you maintain an enormous line of mailing list as these people from your network will be able to extend their helping hand to you. Of course, it goes without saying that you limit yourself in making connections with people who can help you in your line of business i.e. designers, fashion gurus, stylists. For you to do this, make yourself available—and visible—in major social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

6. Be Inspired by the Others

Perhaps despite all that has been said here in this post you still can’t visualize the point of your blog. Well, don’t worry because we got it covered for you. Maybe you can get information once you visit top fashion blogs of today. Check them out and learn from them at first sight. Make notes on how they are able to gather their audience and how they make every content as captivating and persuasive as possible.

Google the following: Refinery29, StylelikeU, Anne Street Studio, The Beauty Department, Bryan Boy, The Independent Fashion Bloggers, The Lingerie Addict, and Go Fug Yourself.

7. Free Your Mind

It is advisable that you focus on the dilemmas of your fashion blog so you can come up with incredible contents and features to post as entries but of course it is also recommended that you get some advices from others. Sometimes it is satisfying to draw some brilliance from people you know or from strangers. Hence, feel free to leave your comment here based on this question: what advice can you give in starting a fashion blog via WordPress?

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