Cloud Servers: The Real, the Myths and the Facts

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cloud servers
Since the advent of cloud servers, a lot of people have been confused about it. Suddenly the hype as to this particular cloud has been a household name insofar as technology is concerned.

There are a lot means to understand the cloud. Generally, it is that which is referred to when you are hosting some data via the web. This is far from the traditional servers you found and stored in a server room or kept in a small closet-type area. These are not what cloud is about because they are within a network—your network—and not hosted on the Internet. But once you took those servers and migrate them to several virtual servers on the web in a data center then that is what cloud servers are about.

Cloud servers are powerful virtual environments which were made within a strong cluster of servers. They carry benefits that are not offered within the scope of dedicated servers.

Now let us discuss further what are the real, the myths and facts about cloud servers.

1. Fad vs Old Concept

There are those who think that the idea of cloud servers is merely a fad and that the term is new to all of us. However, there is no truth to that. In fact, the concept was already introduced in the late 90s as cloud computing, which is technically referring to the Internet itself. Since then cloud computing evolved to what it is now. And oh, it is here to stay! Experts predict that by last year, over 80% Fortune 1000 companies will be investing for this particular cloud computing form.
cloud server old

2. Vulnerable vs Secured

Contrary to what others speak about the cloud being vulnerable to cyber breaches, security has never been this great with the cloud. It is therefore not true to conclude that since cloud software makes use of low-end computing methods it already equates with minimal security. Nevertheless, the bottom-line depends on the provider you become partner with. And so far, large cloud environments have become more secure every day.
cloud security

3. Complexity vs Simplicity

It is absolutely false to say that the cloud is a complex endeavour. The truth is they are the easiest thing on this planet as compared to VPS and dedicated servers. They are manageable and easy to setup. What is more, it allows minimum supervision which means that you can just leave all the work to your online portal or control panel. The same performs all the work and after which you will be able to receive information on your account.
cloud server simplicity

4. De-coding vs Easy coding

It is obviously a myth to think that you will be rewriting your codes before you use your cloud hosting. As a matter of fact, there are cloud host providers which have built complicated platforms that require you to change or alter the code so they can function properly. However, there are cloud which are like dedicated servers in built hence, you are able to upload codes as easy as if you are uploading it on a website.
cloud server decoding

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