The Art of ‘Recycling’ WordPress Contents in 5 Ways


Can you imagine how your life as an online content writer would be easier if there is an application or simply a way for you to publish your content without the pain of writing it again from scratch?

Would you be happy if we tell you that there is a way to do this? We are not kidding!

Okay, let us start by saying that you can achieve it without paying much for software. We think that you know what it is called—it is republishing.

Republishing is the method of updating old articles in order to be perceived as new. It is the process of updating an old article and publishing it anew. Easy, right? However, did you know that this has been something that most content marketers these days have been doing? In fact, a lot of WordPress marketers have been using it over time.

The thing with this process is that it is not easy task at all, especially if you want to get some leads out of it. For one, republishing entails dedication. Second, it needs you to be full time. Finally, you must exert all effort to master it.

Now in this article, we will be sharing with you five ways so you can start republishing your WordPress contents.

1. Channel the old with the Crowd

When you republish your contents in WordPress, make sure that you choose those which has captivated your audience in the past so that your current audience will experience the exact enjoyment they had upon reading it. With this updated exposure, you will surely generate positive effects.

2. Attract Links and Share

As mentioned, you will get positive effects when you republish content. One of these has an effect on your links since your URL is just the same. With this, you will have a chance to generate links and shares in the social media.

It is a fact that your WordPress contents receive an enormous amount of links after a week that it has been published. Adding to that are the social signals it receive in that same week. Hence, as time goes by, this time will have a dramatic drop. And this is where republishing becomes handy. It will expose your contents to a new audience and initiate another round of link and share generation.

3. Fresh for Google

We bet this is the most important fact you need to know in this article. Google has knack for freshness on particular topics. So, even if your old article published some years ago, when republished will be perceived by google as “fresh” and “new”. Ergo, will make your rankings better and higher!

4. Testing 1, 2, 3

Now after you have known about items 1, 2, 3 of this blog post, do you have some contents in mind? Can you check which among your old popular articles can be republished? Can you pinpoint why it gained such popularity?

At this point, you must test your hunches. How? Try to make a similar headline with that old article of yours—make it a strong one. Now republish it. With this, you will be allowing yourself to test the waters as to whether or not it will give you the audience that supposed to have.

5. Improve when you can

As WordPress writers, you are getting better at what you do over time. As you continue on writing more each day, your posts tend to get better than what you have previously written. Yet, there still might be something to rewrite about it so it can be more appealing. So why not review the old ones and pick a favourite? Then, schedule them to be published and voila you will be giving life to your old contents!

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