The Big 5 Difference – Web Hosting versus Domain Registration

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web hosting vs domain registration
Are you a budding webmaster? Perhaps you are getting confused as to the essence of domain registration and web hosting. This article will explain to you the difference between the two minus the jargon and complexity in language.

Clearing Out the Lines

Now that you have decided to start your own website either for business or for personal use, for sure you have encountered these terms: web hosting and domain registration. We are telling you now; do not get hooked in confusion. At this point, what you must know is the fact that web hosting complements domain name. You need to understand that these two makeup your online website or blog.

web hosting description

What is web hosting?

Web hosting, in all simplicity, is a particular form that provides hosting to a website. Take as an example, or any web services out there like Facebook and Twitter. Your website comprises resource elements such as CSS, Java scripts, multimedia features, php and html filings, and databases. These resource elements need to stay on particular Internet platform, which will give you access to certain protocols on the web.

free cloud storage

Why not Free Cloud Storage?

It is not advisable that you upload these required resources in building websites to a free cloud storage service. To name a few of this are the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. and then make use of them as building blocks for website. A web hosting service is simply more than a platform for online storage. It makes use of certain Internet protocols including HTTP, POP, FTP, IMAP, etc. and even a powerful CPU that processes requests of website visitors.

important domain registration

Why is domain registration important?

If you will be technical about it, you can build and bring your website on the web without purchasing any domain name. This is possible. How? Allow us to discuss it to you further. As you get the services of a web hosting company, they in turn will give a specific IP address to give you website access. The address gives your website access to crawlers. The IP address is unique combination of numbers which are incomparable to number combo or sequence of our cellular numbers. For some cases, the number will just overshadow and this is the idea behind why IP address is masked by your website’s domain name. This is the reason why you must register a website domain name.

domain registration web hosting

What it can do for you in the long run?

A domain name that is relevant and easy to remember will allow you to increase your chances for easy recall by your target audience. A domain name’s lifetime can last for a number of years. Of course, this is renewable depending on your terms and preference. However, you cannot invest on it for the centuries to come. Domain names are significantly unique. You cannot have twice the same website on the web. Also, have a domain name that has relevance on your website niche or service.

Not yet convinced? You can check out our website community and leave your comments. You can find experts in the community to help you with any queries regarding domain name/registration and web hosting.

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