The Essence of an Online Editor and 8 Tips to be One

Online contents need to relay what it intend to communicate to its audience. If you are able to deliver this to your audience’s wants and needs then you are performing your job well as a content marketer. However, such job description is quite broad. In the world of content marketing, you are either a writer and an editor.

If you are vying for these jobs, you must have a good grasp with your editing skills. For one is the task of turning weaknesses into strengths and the other is to transform a particular copy into an enjoyable content.

But these traits will not be of use when you do not know how to follow certain guidelines to be a good marketing editor.


1. Everything Starts with Research

Your strategy must start with conducting a research of your work. Aside from developing ways to capture your audience attention, you also need research as the framework of your content creation. With this, you will be able to think of unique ideas which you can share with your audience in general.


2. Be Prepared

What you learn as boy/girl scout should be put to use. Being prepared will make you become more flexible in case of unexpected events. If you have this particularly trait, you can be able to adapt at every circumstances.


3. Draft ‘n Write

After you are done with your research work, you must now collaborate everything into one perfect form of writing. It is advised that you make your drafts first because this is where the “brilliant ideas” come from. Thereafter, make your final copy as accurate and fun as possible.


4. Remove the Redundancy

You must delete the unnecessary contents and leave the essential ones. Make sure that everything matches up–from the intro to the body until the conclusion.


5. Create an Experience

Now that you are done with the “physical” or form of your content, let us proceed with the in-depth approach. For you to expressly communicate with your audience, you must “show not tell” them what they are about to expect. You must push yourself to create that fine illustration in their heads as what you offer and why they should choose you.


6. Refine don’t Sharpen

You are almost there! Here, you must already gone over the entire copy and you are simply making the finishing touches.


7. Polish and Review

Check out whether there are grammatical errors in your work or your spelling. Proofread everything according to the standards of your readers.


8. Publish your Work

Your work is ready to be published! Remember that you do not need to please everyone with how good you are. Be confident. As an editor, you must possess humility. It is not true that you must be a perfectionist. What remains true in this particular job is for you to stay vigilant and welcome the change that the future holds for you.

Now by this time, you are ready to take on the world with the skills you have just learned. We hope we have helped you in a way or the other!

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