The Price of Online Success – 3 Major Website Obstacles

online success
Perhaps you have read some posts or entries as to the secrets of online business success but do you really know what it takes to be famous in this industry? To make it big is a dream which you and I have in mind, who in his right mind can think otherwise? However, the reality is there are newcomers who still fail to reach such goal. And so in order to prevent any damage (or further damage), we have made this article so you can prepare and pre-empt future problems.

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1. Traffic and Bandwidth Problems

It is a unique occurrence that there are those who experience traffic problems. Small-scale sites encounter traffic problems, that is, minimal number of visitors. When websites boost its popularity, traffic remains a problem, and to counter it expensive measures are often responded to.

Budding websites maintain a regular data transfer of 5GB. This is a bit skimpy if you ask us this is why some web hosting plans have charge you more, or if you want to be technical about it, “overages” is an enemy you need to combat which often result in exceeding your allocation.

The remedy: as you search for the best web hosting service provider you must think ahead. Check its policy on data transfer and bandwidth. You must assure that you are being billed according to the extent of usage and you must not be required advance payments. Read the fine prints of your policy agreements because it lay down the truth regarding their advertising offers.
traffic and bandwidth problems

2. Numerous Page Update

Do you still remember the first time you first design your website; did you plan on making it big today? Of course, we all have that dream. You must make certain provisions for keeping a particular feature found on each page in a particular location. Instead, every page must be well-thought of; navigation, logo, etc.

Perhaps these plans are ideal only when you are starting up but once your site grows it becomes a nightmare. Just think about that moment when you like to design your website, basically you will go over at least a hundred pages so you can modify them. You could not even make use of the features like search and replace to simplify the task via your editor. The changes extend to multiple lines and are page-specific and interspersed data.

In order to solve this, you need to think about your website in terms of page numbers. From there, plan it for your growth and development. Put design elements in strategic page locations. To do this, use frames, templates, Server Side Includes (SSI), etc.
webpage update

3. Reliable and Dependable

When your website is new, you often over think and tend to do a lot of multi-tasking. As a result, you find cheap hosting where you can dump it to generate faster income right away. This is the error most newbies do at the start. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using cheap hosting because it is a fast way to start big.

Cheap web hosting sometimes have less competence in terms of efficient help. This is not only in reference to technical support but the effectiveness of such service and assistance. Oftentimes, these hosting services know less in terms of server hardware and potential problems as well as address a true crises i.e. troubleshooting, security holes, etc.

As your website improves and earns more visitors, the uptime of your website becomes significant. If your server is down, your site will lose new visitors and traffic. Of course, since it is down, the income that goes with it is removed.
reliability and dependability

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