Top 5 Sites for Creating Flip Books Effect

flip book effect

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Nowadays, getting information about almost everything is easily presented on the web. Of course, with web owners having the same kind of info with other website owners how does one stand out? Like in food presentation, information presented should be as eye-catching as possible. This is called web interactivity. Thankfully, there’s the flip book effect an example of web interactivity that literally looks like your reading and moving pages.

Web interactivity

Two stores right next to each other both sell the same items. How does store A beat out store B? Well, aside from making store A look better in terms of appearance, store B makes use of the concept of interacting with customers. This is done through attractive offers, sales, promos, displays and listening to customer suggestions. Such a scenario would make customers feel comfortable and loyal to store A. In terms of designing a website, the story above is equally applicable. The subtle use of web interactions not only help attract users but engage them in the page. There are a variety of web interactivity of which include effects used for the site. One of them is the flip book effect.

Flip Book Effect

Page turning and flip book effects have been around with a variety of plug-ins, source files and conversion services. Only a few however have been able to export such effects from Adobe InDesign since the CS4 version.

A. Flip Book Effect is for?

1. Designers not really good at interactive media and have been comfortable working with print. This effect which is more of an interactive portfolio engages clients to actually take a look at the work.

2. Publication Designers. While they may work with print, it’s best to produce digital proof for their portfolio sites.

3. Authors that make use of similar eBook formats can release printed works and serialize them as well.

4. Anyone who wishes to release an eBook.

B. Flip Book Effect is not for?

1. While the effect may be easily viewable for eReader platforms, it isn’t possible for Android and iPhone platforms.

2. Good interactive design doesn’t always translate to good print design. Observe and consider facts first if the content your website has would look good for a “book presentation.” If it doesn’t quite fit the bill then look for other effects and tools suited for your website content.

3. Flip book effect’s primary value is the visual effect. It’s not exactly aesthetic for sight-impaired individuals.

5 Sites to Create the Flip Book Effect

1. FlippingBook

flipping book

Used since 2004 with over 50,000+ positive comments on their services, fast upload and cloud sharing, has support for iPad, iPhone and the Android, has an unlimited number of publications and is easy to use.

Try Flipping Book

2. KVI Soft


Page flip software that converts PDF files to digital page-turning publications. Users can also embed photos, audio and videos.

Try KVI Soft

3. Digital Brochure

digital brochure

Works on iPad, iPhone and Android devices, light and minimal with fast loading time, an offline version is available.

Try Digital Brochure

4. Frontal Labs


Supports a variety of platforms such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Android.

Try Frontal Labs

5. Turn.js

turn js

JavaScript library which will make content look like a real book.

Try Turn.js

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