Divi 2.4 Release – A Sneak Peek to New Features

divi 2.4 release
Elegant themes’ Divi update has been released today. With its latest version 2.4, it is regarded as the biggest in history. The team behind this momentum success has put a great deal of love and effort to this grand update.

About the Grand Update

This update offers new thousands of module design update, new settings and customizer controls, plus a fluid grid as well as a set of flexible re-imagined modules intended for easy customization. With these new set of features, you are guaranteed of a versatile output. Divi 2.4 likewise features a layout that is ultra-customizable; made possible only with Divi Library where you can save, organize and use a particular collection of layouts from your Divi Builder. This is by far the best toolkit for web designers!

With this update, all post types has now been extended with the Divi Builder. Certain elements have been added to it so you will no longer experience any limited expanse while you work. It is no longer intended for pages, which means that you have the luxury of using the builder to create amazing blog posts—and more!

Before this date, the buzz about it has been like a wildfire. But wait there is more! The talk about this Divi innovation is truly worth sharing especially those newbie WordPress users who want to make big steps possible in web design.

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Divi 2.4 Features

Of course, this post will not let you down. So here we are giving you a little starter before unveiling more goodies. To begin with, Elegant Themes have 4 all-new Demos of Divi to show the different use and presentation of the theme. All the demos were made by no less Kenny Sing, lead designer at Elegant Themes. Divi 2.4 no longer features Child Themes a.k.a. custom code. Impressive right? The layout variation can be built in a single theme design. For more amazing features read on!

Introducing the Global Settings

The premise of this new update is seen through its fluid grid and the re-imagined modules that make your web design life the easiest! This latest grid allows for more customization options to the Divi Theme Customizer; now you can customize your theme’s width, menu height, column spacing, menu widths, etc.

Maximize the Width

You can now customize your website width with the Divi 2.4. You can customize it to the maximum size you want. It is prepared even for the optimum resolution displays (watch out for it in the future!) Not only that. You too can now choose your preferred sidebar width and adjust your logo height.

Unique Styles

Modifications are made great with this update too! Now you can define text styles of your navigation bar: fonts, text sizes, text colors, etc. Unique styling is also up for your header. Once the fixed-navigation option is enabled, you can now manoeuvre what the navigation would look like. You can check out navigation primaries as they are transitioned to user scrolls.

Touch of Creativity

The sky is the limit with Divi 2.4. You are given unlimited ways so you can come up with unique precision of amazing navigation features. There are limitless ways for you to combine layout options and menu colors, fonts and styles so you can have an enchanting look for your headers and navigation bars. Check out Divi’s Theme Customizer.

More Feature Surprises

You are up for more surprises as Divi brings you more customization options to check out and experience.

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