How to Setup a WordPress Website

wordpress setup guide

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Get ready to make your first own WordPress site from scratch! This DIY step by step WordPress guide will show you how to setup your first WordPress website easily. I am going to cover from registering your domain to finding a host for WordPress. Once you have your WordPress installed, I will show you how to properly configure your WordPress to have beautiful URL and properly SEO it. This WordPress setup guide is catered for beginners and I am going to make it as detailed as possible to make it easy to follow for everyone. Here’s the list of the 14 lessons that will be needed to complete this short WordPress course.

  1. Registering your Domain Name
  2. Hosting your WordPress Site
  3. Installing FTP
  4. Installing WordPress
  5. WordPress Dashboard
  6. Understanding WordPress Site Structure
  7. Install a WordPress Theme
  8. Setting up WordPress Menus
  9. Adding WordPress Widgets
  10. Installing WordPress Plugins
  11. Create Your WordPress Pages
  12. Write Your First WordPress Post
  13. Publishing Your WordPress Site
  14. Graduation Certification

“How to setup wordpress website” guide is written by Tony Soh, founder of Best Premium WP and Vector Diary.

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