FatCow Review – June 2021

fatcow review

If you are looking for reliable web hosting, FatCow web hosting services may have ring a bell. This hosting provider has been in the web hosting industry for over a decade now. It belts out long years of company experience, a line of industry trends and appealing pricing options for a diversity of clientele.

What is FatCow?

FatCow is a hosting provider that offers nothing but the best. It features incredible uptime performance, impeccable customer support, immense features and competitive prices. This is not false advertising but a fact trusted and proven by a long line of experts and web hosting years all these years. There are little criticisms at what FatCow web hosting service can do for you and your business. This is simply a sign that you will get nothing but super quality of service and no redundant gimmicks.

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Features of iPage

Since 1998 FatCow’s web hosting service is sought-after among available hosting providers. It is not only equipped with trendsetting features but industry experience that clients must consider whenever they look for a hosting service they can rely and trust.

Original FatCow

Price is a foremost consideration in seeking a web hosting service in mind. FatCow understands this that’s why price is not compromised with their hosting packages. Their unique Original FatCow plan equipped with hosting services such as domain name and email account for $15/year introductory rate. With this plan, you can have access to FatCow’s site builder which makes your website creation easier. This too is ideal for newbie web designers who do not have prior knowledge on programming languages. To boot, the Original FatCow plan has the following features: unlimited disk space, bandwidth and POP mailboxes, free domain name, website builder and script barn (you have selections of WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, etc.), available shopping carts and SSL secure servers, unlimited FTP users & subusers and includes SE Marketing, $50 social network advertisement credits, 1 GB JustCloud Storage, 24/7 customer service support plus 30-day money-back guarantee.

Backup Policy and Support

Customer service has never been this great—not unless it is FatCow. The company offers reliable customer support. The customer service staffs are well-trained to be well-verse with customer queries, and get this; waiting time is just two minutes! You can avail this awesome support service 24/7. What is more, FatCow’s backup policy is as impressive as its customer support. With this, all you data stored in FatCow’s servers are backup for 24 hours. You can have the peace of mind that any data of yours will forever be there and never lost. There are also backup generators that counterchecks that data will be protected from any incidents of data loss.

Green Web Hosting

FatCow adheres to an environment-friendly web hosting operations. In fact, it is a 100% wind-powered web hosting provider. In providing these initiatives, global warming is believed to lessen and minimize its hazardous effects to our planet. FatCow opines that continued internet usage and the growing number of data centers consume natural energy, which leaves an increase in carbon emission hence a major contributor to global warming. FatCow is one of those that are environment-conscious and believes in the goodness of green technology.

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