FlexSqueeze Review – June 2021

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FlexSqueeze Review (June 2021)

FlexSqueeze is one of the best WordPress theme to create custom niche websites and great sales letter page. With over 300 theme options, you can create the sales page you like. And when you buy FlexSqueeze today, you will get more than 250 sales page graphics and shortcodes for testimonials and guarantees.

What You Get

  • FlexSqueeze tutorials
  • Forum access
  • 250 graphics for sales pages
  • 12 pre built sales pages
  • Built-in shortcakes for testimonials, content boxes, buttons and guarantees
  • Font replacement plugin
  • Free updates
  • Many pre-designed sales pages

FlexSqueeze Coupon Code

There are currently no FlexSqueeze coupon available. Click here to buy FlexSqueeze today!

FlexSqueeze WordPress Theme – Create Professional Sales Pages Fast And Easy!

Are you wondering why there are millions of internet marketers who are making thousands of money everyday? Internet market is a very solid market that lets you earn thousands or perhaps millions of money every single day with the help of sales pages.

If you own a website, your site must look professionally design to gain the trust of prospect visitors and customers, but how are we going to create a professional looking sales page website if we don’t even know how codes work. Most of the website themes are powered by PHP, CSS HTML and other coding system that are quite hard to understand and takes too much time to learn. So finding a ready-to-use theme can be of your advantage. There are thousands of ready-to-use themes but only few themes can give your sales page site a powerful look. If you want to create your own sales page to start earning tremendous amount of money, give your sales page site a nice look with the use of FlexSqueeze WP themes.

FlexSqueeze WordPress Themes

FlexSqueeze themes can give your sales page site that satisfaction you always wanted in creating a powerful, nice and exceptionally handy sales page. FlexSqueeze themes are more focused in giving their customers fully customizable sales pages with superb built-in features. Every single theme from FlexSqueeze has many features that can surely give your site the best look and out-of-the-box functionalities. If you want to earn more money from your sales page site, having it professionally design will give you and your site an edge over competitors and will bring in more customers in the future too.

FlexSqueeze WordPress Theme Features

  • Over 300 theme options
  • FlexSqueeze Visual Editor
  • Full drop down menus
  • Transparent header, feature and footer options
  • Multiple FlexSqueeze settings
  • FlexSqueeze Facebook templates
  • Secondary navigation menu
  • Post thumbnail support
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Two new widget locations
  • Feature area display options
  • Customizable header images on specific pages
  • Customizable width sales page
  • Different sidebar configurations
  • Instant sales pages
  • Full-width header, footer and navigation
  • 27 FlexSqueeze header images
  • 29 FlexSqueeze background images
  • 13 navigation menu styles
  • Quick Change settings
  • 4 widget-ready sidebar
  • 75 customizable favicons
  • FlexSqueeze customizable scripts
  • FlexSqueeze built-in Webmaster Tools
  • Add custom CSS code
  • CSS rounded corners and drop shadows
  • AdSense-optimized one-click page layout
  • Post Content or excerpts
  • FlexSqueeze ready-made niche theme skins
  • Easy access to tutorials
  • Pre-styled page elements and graphics

You will get all of these features for your sales page with the use of FlexSqueeze WordPress themes plus if you will upgrade to premium membership, you will get more FlexSqueeze features like free skins, plug-ins, video opting pages, graphics and thousands of other premium benefits.

FlexSqueeze WP themes has more features than you can ever think of, using FlexSqueeze for your sales page will surely give you the best functionalities in running a sales page site. To give you a little FlexSqueeze overview, here are the following features that you will love and can turn your site into a super sales page.

FlexSqueeze Updates & Info: the latest updates and information at its best!

  • If you want to know more information about FlexSqueeze Themes, look no further because in FlexSqueeze Updates and Info tab, you will be equipped with all the necessary information you need to get started in creating the most powerful sales page online. You will receive timely updates from FlexSqueeze and be the first to access the latest and most advanced features for your FlexSqueeze sales pages.

Quick Change Settings: coding your site’s appearance is even made easy!

Quick Change Settings is one of the standard and very powerful features of FlexSqueeze WP themes. This FlexSqueeze feature allows you to customize your site as easy as 123. All you have to do is to go to your site’s dashboard and customize your theme to give it a new powerful look.

  • Change your sales page site’s color schemes by clicking the color scheme options and choose the color of your site. You can change your site’s color schemes in any way you want with tons of available built-in color schemes to choose from. Just click the color of your choice and done. You can switch colors as many times you like.

  • With the use of Quick Change Settings, you can also choose from different designs available for FlexSqueeze and create a design of your choice. You can change your heading design easily by clicking the option, just click which one you think that would fit for your site and everything is done.

  • You can also create a different sidebar configurations for your sales page sites, you can put your site’s sidebar to the left, right, combination of left and right, or no sidebar at all, whether what choice you want, this will surely give your sales page a nice look plus you can even do this without having to mess around with your codes at the backend, simple clicks will do.

Blog/Sidebar Widths: set the widths of your blog without touching any codes

  • With the help of Blog and Sidebar Widths tab, you can easily set the width of the sidebar regions. You can customize the widths of your sales pages and set controls which best fit for your page. All you have to do is click the options and your sales pages will have a new look, whether you want to put the sidebars on the left, right or wherever you want it to appear, you are just one click away with Blog/Sidebar Widths tab.

Backgrounds/Borders/Corners: customize the backgrounds of your page in an instant!

  • With FlexSqueeze’s Backgrounds/Borders/Corners tab, you will not have to worry how to manage your sales pages’ backgrounds because everything is fully customizable in this tab. You can add background images; you can easily change the color of your background by entering the color of your choice; you can easily set the margins and borders of your sales page and set as many background options you want without touching any codes from the backend.

Blog Overall Font/Colors: set your blog’s overall font settings

  • Choices of font colors affect your sales pages’ effectiveness; you must choose the font colors that can well work with the color of your backgrounds and other aspects of your blog. You must try to mix and match everything to see the combinations and choose which one works best. The good thing about using FlexSqueeze Themes is you don’t have to memorize all the font color’s codes because in the Blog Overall Font/Colors tab, choosing the right colors of fonts are as easy as 123. This tab helps you set the overall font colors of your page.

Header: set your sales page headers

  • Header tab of FlexSqueeze allows you to create the most outstanding header for your sales pages. Headers of the pages should be attractive to invite customers from all sorts and you can create the headers of your choice by simply clicking the header settings of FlexSqueeze Header tab. You can also resize the header widgets, change positions and create other header settings to make your headers very attractive.

Navigation: create a powerful primary and secondary navigation menu for your sales pages

  • Set a navigation menu for your sales page with comfort and ease. This tab allows you to set the primary and secondary navigation menus without a hassle. All you have to do is to visit this Navigation tab of FlexSqueeze and start styling your nav menus. You can also set up your page’s drop down menus for both primary and secondary navigation.

Top Feature: set up the features in the top regions of your page

  • Top Feature tab allows you to set the features in the top regions of your page easily. You can easily change the top features like text colors, link colors, title colors, number of columns, shadow images and others. With just simple clicks in the top feature tab, the top regions of your page will certainly look awesome and fabulous.

Post/Pages: set your post style settings as easy as 123!

  • With the help of Post/Pages tab, you can easily set the styles you want for your pages. There are quite many options to mesh around under this tab options. You can edit features like Post Style Settings, Post Title Settings, Post Date/Comments, Post Content/Excerpt, Post Thumbnails, Post Text/Links, Heading Tags in Posts/Pages, Blockquotes, Page Navigation, Breadcrumb Navigation and many more. All of the mentioned features are clickable where you can easily click the options you want.

Comments: set up the settings of your page comments area

  • Comments tab allows you to set up the settings of your page comments area. With the help of this setting, your comments area will look awesome with your choices of colors and style. You can customize the background color, text font, text sizes and other necessary elements in the comments area to make it very appealing for your visitors.

Top/Bottom Sidebar: add new and customize the sidebar widgets of your page

  • With this sidebar setting, you can add top and bottom sidebar widgets. You can style the widgets according to your choice and create a perfect look of top and bottom sidebars of your page.

Sub-sidebars: customize the details of sub-sidebars in your page

  • In FlexSqueeze, every single details of your page are well taken care of. This tab allows you to customize the details and look of the sub-sidebars in your page like font sizes, colors, styles, alignments and more.

Footer: set up the details in the footer regions of your page

  • This tab option allows you to customize the footer details in your page in an instant. Just click and select in the footer settings which details fit for your page and style the page footer in any ways you want. You can customize the colors, texts, fonts, sizes and widgets in the footer with just clicking the detail settings of this tab option.

Adsense/Banner Ads: create a location for your page ads and banners

  • Add adsense and banner ads in your page by simply customizing this tab in FlexSqueeze. You can add any type of adsense ads or banner ads in your page by pasting the publisher ID. The rest of the details in this tab option are easy to customize and clickable. You can control in which location you want your adsense and banners ads to appear and style it in the very best way you can.

Analytics/Javascript/Favicon: set you Google Analytics, Footer Javascript and Custom Favicon

  • With this tab option of FlexSqueeze, setting up your page analytics, javascript and favicon is easy without touching any codes in the backend of your page. You can easily add the Web Property ID of your site to keep track of your site’s analytics. You can also add footer scripts, Meta tags and customize your page favicon images with this tab option.

Squeeze Pages: create sales pages instantly with FlexSqueeze ready squeeze pages

  • Squeeze pages tab allows you to create sales pages instantly. You can customize the details of your sales page easily like the width, borders, backgrounds, font sizes, font colors and dimensions of all details. There are 5 available squeeze page template headers in this tab and all are customizable according to your choice.

Custom CSS Code: add CSS codes for faster page loading

  • In this tab option, you will have two options to choose from whether to condense your page CSS code for faster loading or enter your custom CSS code to upgrade your site’s load time and load your page with your style sheet.

Shortcodes: generate your social media shortcodes

  • This Shortcodes tab allows you to generate shortcodes for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, MySpace, Youtube and more by simply adding your social media accounts in your page. This tab also offers tutorial on how to use this social media shortcodes.

Import/Export/Reset: manage your sales page theme

  • This tab allows you to manage your FlexSqueeze sales pages theme. You can import FlexSqueeze theme skins in your sales page or export FlexSqueeze theme settings as a CSV file. You can also reset FlexSqueeze theme colors and styles with this tab option.

FlexSqueeze Tutorials: learn how to work with FlexSqueeze themes with their in-depth tutorials

  • The best part of using FlexSqueeze themes is their outmost support for their customers. The team behind FlexSqueeze has provided materials to help their users in creating the best and the most effective sales pages online. FlexSqueeze has a tab for FlexSqueeze Tutorials, this tab is perfect for newbie FlexSqueeze users. This tab option can give more in-depth details and tutorials on how to manage and create a powerful FlexSqueeze sales page.

Theme Skins: select the best theme skins for your sale page

  • Theme skins tab allows you to choose the best theme skins for your sales pages. You can choose any theme skins you want that would best fit for your products niche and import the theme skins instantly into your sales page. You will have loads of theme skins to choose from in this tab option.

Visual Editor Feature: create your site’s content with FlexSqueeze built-in visual editor

  • FlexSqueeze Visual Editor allows you to create your site’s squeeze pages faster than you could ever imagine. FlexSqueeze has a set of fully customizable buttons in the visual editor, making it easier for you to create your contents. The additional buttons in the visual editor allows you to insert all possible things that you need for you sales page contents and take note there are tons of options to choose from that will give more emphasis to your squeeze pages. You can easily add all the things you want for your sales page like fonts, arrows, badges and buttons, page content dividers, bonus boxes, banners, page column styles, testimonial boxes and a whole lot more.

FlexSqueeze Sales Page Sample

  • After few clicks and theme editing, you can create a new sales page in an instant. Here is a sample preview of your new sales page with the use of Flexsqueeze Theme.

FlexSqueeze WP Themes is far more than just a sale page template, FlexSqueeze features can give your sales page sites the look, controls, design, buttons and anything that you want for your site. If you want to have a powerful sales page site without having to worry about codes, FlexSqueeze can definitely live up to your expectations.


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