Headway Theme Review – Easy Drag Drop Interface

headway theme review

Headway Theme Review

Headway wordpress theme offers “killer” features that can empower your website with ease. It has a lot of features to offer like the visual editor and SEO integration. So let’s take a further look at Headway wordpress themes and its features.

The visual editor of headway theme is probably the most important and game changing feature that they offer. And the cool thing about this is that the visual editor has a quick start wizard which is great for starting out web designers and owners that don’t know what to do to customize their website. The quick step wizard has a step by step guide which lets you quickly and easily set up your website.

Headway wordpress theme also have the headway styles and design editor which has three areas where you have total control over the visual design aspect of your website such as changing margins, fonts, sidebars, leafs, and so much more. Speaking of leafs, it gives you control over the placement and dimensions of the content of your pages. With headway styles and design editor you are only limited by your imagination.

headway theme review configuration

But headway wordpress themes also let you configure more complex settings via the headway configuration. Here you can configure your feeds, Google analytics, and other scripts that you might want to use for your website. You can even disable the visual design editor here.

Did I mention that Headway themes have one of the best SEO features you can find in the internet? You can easily manage settings such as meta tags, descriptions, nofollow and follow links, and so much more. Of course headway wordpress theme also has integrated social networking options. Here you can link your Twitter and Facebook account to your website without any hassle.

But if you’re still lost in what to do with your website and how to customize it, don’t worry since they provide friendly user support. You can check out their community and forums to get help from expert web designers and developers around the world that use headway wordpress themes. They also have both written and video tutorials to help you even more.

More Reviews & Feedback of Headway Theme

Of course there will be always positive and some negative reviews of any product out there. So here’s a quick view of what other people think about it.

A lot of the positive feedback of the Headway wordpress theme is that it great for both beginner and expert website developers and designers. It gives you an easy and quick way to customize and configure anything and everything about your site even if you’re relatively new to building a website. But at the same time expert or professional website builders also have the freedom to do whatever what they want.

Another thing that people likes about headway wordpress theme is that the support that you get from the community and the developers themselves is amazing. Some people even said that developers even went into their website to help them with a problem, talk about hands on.

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