InMotion Hosting Review – June 2021

inmotiong hosting
A lot of buzz has already been released about InMotion Hosting and in this web hosting service review post you will only get nothing but the truth from us. Allow us to start that the best hosting company depends on your preferences and goals as a blogger and a web entrepreneur.

What is InMotion Hosting

To begin with, customers are the priority of InMotion Hosting—they are the center of their universe! They are proud to be a US-based support company and handle every customer-related problem directly from their offices. Interestingly, InMotion customer representatives answer every query via phone, email, chat and ticket system.

Any website owner would understand that in running a successful website customer support is something that should be taken into consideration. Every problem that a customer encounters will be taken care of quickly. What is more, they would follow-up on a request or query via email just to be sure that they got it right for you. On top of that, InMotion Hosting is proud to have a range of self-service customer support and knowledge-based setting that are very extensive.


Features of InMotion Hosting

Speed is another thing. This too is very important as not all can wait for a website to load. Most companies would pay millions just to have milliseconds of loading time. TTFB or Time to First Byte is a parameter that you must watch out for in a hosting service. This measures the time for a server to receive a response from a visitor’s request. And, on that criteria InMotion does perfectly as it is definitely faster than all shared hosting accounts available.

Web Hosting Performnce

The primary job of a hosting company is to secure that your web files on the server are stored properly and to serve those files in the fastest possible way for every visitors out there.

When it comes to web hosting performance, usually it is being measured on how you get deep with the server specs, and InMotion hosting is doing fine insofar as uptime for industry standard is concerned; 99.99% being their rate.


InMotion Hosting makes use of cPanel; the reason why it offers flexible setups to customers. cPanel is everywhere as it is open-source and entails your basic knowledge of things. In addition, InMotion have numerous in-house options for system upgrade. It has all the options you need in the event your website has grown bigger and a developer-oriented service solution has become a necessity. InMotion has these to offer: Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servicer and Virtual Private Server.

Assurance and Guarantee

A customer is guaranteed to get his money back within 90 days should he does not like what he just purchased. This is a big star for InMotion and it speaks of its reliability in entirety.

Data Backups

There is a reason why data backups are a major pro at InMotion Hosting. For one, they take those criteria seriously and they treat them as safety net.

What is really the factor for choosing InMotion from the others are the enormous offers of freebies! Free items truly make a difference for one who is in the market searching for a hosting service. They even have WordCamp LA as its presenting sponsor for some of their giveaways.

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