Lunarpages Review – June 2021

lunarpages review
It is undeniable that the Internet is the ideal way to promote and advertise products and services these days. This is one of the reasons why all online businesses and personal blogs have showcased their best product and service portfolio in their respective websites. This is where web hosting companies like Lunarpages enter the picture.

Technically, hosting allows both individual and company to make their website and make it accessible on the web. Hence, this is where choosing the right hosting company that could achieve your needs, both general and specific.
In choosing a web host, it is imperative to select one that meets your standards and has established its name in the industry.

What is Lunarpages?

Lunarpages started as a free web hosting service back in 1998 and then 2 years later it expanded and offered other web hosting services for private servers. Since its expansion in 2000, Lunarpages began to provide private server hosting and on top on that its customer forum is among the most visited web hosting service forum.
The popularity of Lunarpages arises from its goal to offer the best service that is customer-appealing and in lieu of its endless commitment to service.
ecommerce for business

Features of Lunarpages

In pursuit of its goal to be a developer-friendly hosting company, Lunarpages made sure that even with its basic web hosting package, which starts at $4.96/month, the customer can get the best features to offer. To wit, the basic package supports different web languages: PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Ajax and Dreamweaver. The possibilities are relentless as Lunarpages is strongly supported for JSP and because of this you can create a website run by Ajax.
Basic package also includes the following features: lifetime free domain, 1.5 TB data storage, 15 TB data transfer, and unlimited email account and launching.

Ecommerce for Business

Lunarpages offer a long range of features for businesses. It has tools that include SSL installation that comes for free on their package. In addition, it is also a Window-based web hosting company where new users could check out the type of service for free in just three months. Further, customers can control website through their easy-to-manage CPanel.
The popular and bestselling strength of Lunarpages is its hosting ability for different media files as well as easy launching and browsing for visitors. Streaming for both audio and video is made easy by Lunarpages, and with this it has become a popular choice among bloggers who would like to share their contents beyond words.

Top-notch Service

To overcome the competition, Lunarpages understood customer needs. This allows them to reach more individuals and create a solid support system. For this to be done effectively, a number of electronic mailing is made to persuade communications as well as feedback between Lunarpages and client. The site assures that communication level should touch not only the newest clients and visitors, and even existing members too.

Of course, Lunarpages knew that online needs of audiences vary in priorities, time schedules and expectations. Hence, they deliver the best customer service 24/7 to appeal to various categories. Customer support system is open for inquiries which can be traced via ticket. This is an important way to maintain and trace client information.

Respectable Hosting

Lunarpages brings you hosting plans that can cater to any customer needs especially from a company that could offer professional performance and features. You can be sure that the service given you is beyond average than any hosting companies out there especially when video and music streaming.

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