PageLines Review – Best Customizable WordPress Theme

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pagelines review

PageLines Review

PageLines is one of the best wordpress themes I have seen. It boasts a revolutionary way to customize and configure your website just the way you like it. They have themes ranging from simple and clean looking ones to very professional and colorful themes.

Here are the standard features of PageLines WordPress themes:

  • New WordPress menus compatibility such as multi-tier nav menu and drop-down menus
  • Widgetized sidebars and unique page templates
  • Mutliple color schemes
  • Social media integration
  • Pro Layout and Pro Design

pagelines review layout

One theme that I am particularly excited about is the PageLines Platform Pro which uses a revolutionary way to design and configure your websites and that is by using the drag and drop framework. The drag and drop framework allows you to quickly and easily customize the look and design of your website just by dragging and dropping content or elements on the settings area. You can basically add anything to your page or website such as featured articles, marquee sidebars, content bars, Twitter and Facebook integration widgets and so much more.

Another cool thing about Platform Pro is that you have the dragable layout builder feature which lets you reshape and resize the dimensions of your website with ease. You can fix margins, page width, and so on. You can also pick and choose the design and layout of your pages from blog style and magazine layouts to full-width and fix-width layouts.

PageLines is also integrated with search engine optimization (SEO). You can easily and quickly link your Facebook page and Twitter account to your website in an instant. And if you’re worried about PageLines wordpress themes being too easy or simple for your more experienced taste, don’t be. PageLines also lets you configure and customize your website using PHP, Java, and HTML codes.

Another feature of PageLines’ Platform Pro wordpress theme includes bbPress and BuddyPress integration which lets you build a forum for your website community and it also comes with popular plug-ins as well. PlatformPro also has over 50 Google and web-safe fonts and of course you can change every font styles of the pages of your site in a matter of seconds.

Overall, PageLines is an easy to customize theme packed with drag and drop features that anyone can easily use to customize their WordPress theme without the need of a programmer.

PageLines Drag & Drop Feature

pagelines review drag and drop

  • Drag-and-drop website control allows you to create a site with a click of a button. This powerful feature of PageLines is very handy for people who do not have any backgrounds on backend codes. You can easily drag and drop buttons and functions to create a powerful touch of your site’s frame. You will be surprised on how easy this works.

Built for WordPress

pagelines review built on wordpress

  • PageLines’ products are compatible with 16,000 different plug-in for WP and it’s also capable of WP’s advanced content-management, so you don’t have to worry about anything to deal with in the future.

The PageLines Store

pagelines review pagelines store

  • PageLines Store is the market area for products of PageLines, name what you need and you can have it. This is a sort of plug-in store for your PageLines website. If you need anything in creating your website, PageLines Store is the best place to go.

Top 3 feature available under PageLines Store:

1. Sections – It is an advanced feature of PageLines that allows you drag and drop designs according to your choice. Sections can help you create a website with a professional touch.

pagelines review sections

2. Themes – This feature helps you create an awesome site with a theme that looks very professional in minutes. You have many options to choose from, so finding the best that fits your theme is never a problem.

pagelines review themes

3. Plug-ins – plug-ins are support functions that you would want to use in building your site like BuddyPress, bbPress, LaunchPage, LoopStack and many more.

pagelines review plug ins

High Compatibility on Different Platforms

pagelines review responsive design

  • This feature lets you view your site in different sizes and media whether view it from your iPad or iPhone. It automatically responds to the size of your browser’s window.

Website Setup

pagelines review website setup

  • Website setup of Pagelines is the very first thing you have to read to get started in setting up your Pagelines site. You can customize the Header image, Favicon image, Twitter integration, Website Hashtag, Log-in Page image, Apple Touch image and many more options to mesh around, you can start making your website with a click of a button.

Layout Editor

pagelines review layout editor

  • As what PageLines is all about, just drag and drop everything and your all set. You have anything that you need for layout your site.

Color Control

pagelines review color control

  • Color control feature lets you change every single color you desire for your website. You can easily change everything from the body to the footer, you can add every specific palette of color you want for your theme.


pagelines review typography

  • PageLines has a very powerful Typography feature that lets you select different Google fonts from over 50 web-safe. With this advanced Typography feature, your fonts will definitely look awesome.

Header and Footer

pagelines review header and footer

  • With the help of Pagelines’ header and footer feature, setting up your site’s layout is never been this easy, menus in setting up the header and footer of your site is just a click away.

Blog and Posts

pagelines review blog and posts

  • Blog and Posts feature of Pagelines offers you a full length control over your website’s contents. You can choose whether you want to create a magazine or blog style layout and design every details of your post with this feature. Easy and fun to do, you can design the styles of your posts in a way you want it to look like.


pagelines review advanced

  • If you want to create more details for your website like featured images, sidebars, page template and more, Advanced feature of Pagelines can help you with that. All the details of your site can be customized with this feature. All you have to do is check which one you want to add to give your site a whole new look plus you can also add a “Partner Link” or Pagelines affiliates into the footer region.

Custom Code

pagelines review custom code

  • This feature allows you to insert CSS in styling your site. You can enter any custom code you want, to add specific styles you desire for your site without overwriting any CSS files that are previously added to your site.

Using the themes of PageLines you don’t have to worry about backend codes and how to code your site, you got everything that you need in creating a professional website. There are many features and functions that will surely amaze you and not just that, everything is within click. PageLines has live to its highest vision in providing a purely drag and drop website control and still delivering its sole purpose. Everything is just one click away with PageLines.

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