Themefuse Review

themefuse review

Themefuse creates elegant WordPress themes powered by Fuse framework. The Fuse framework gives you lots of possibilities of making specific customizations to your theme without touching any codes. Some of the themes come with a great portfolio slider witch gives viewer control on the way they want to view it. Auto image resizing are available in most themes that have gallery. The themes also comes with shortcodes to help you create templates and pages easily.

When you buy Themefuse, you also get the theme documentation and support forum to help you get started easily.

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Themefuse Themes

Here are some of the great themes available from Themfuse at low prices!

themefuse themes

Themfuse Showcase

Below is an amazing selection of websites done using Themefuse WordPress themes.

themefuse showcase

There are many built-in features under ThemeFuse themes’ framework. With the use of these advanced features offered by ThemeFuse, your site will surely turn from simple to perfectly awesome website. Here are few of the settings that you need to know in using ThemeFuse themes to improve the look of your website.


  • In the General tab of ThemeFuse theme framework, you will find most of the settings to make your website look awesome. Under the General Options you can edit the appearance of your website from simple details down to the very last footer widgets. There are 6 settings under General tab option, the 6 settings are all ready to use to fix your site’s appearance like headers, footers, sidebars, images and many more.

6 settings under General Options

  • General Settings – under this setting, you can add and edit your site’s logo and favicon. You can also add other details for your site like Tracking Code, RSS URL, E-mail URL and Custom CSS.
  • Header Options – in this setting, you can customize the options of your site’s header. You can add a search bar option, add your facebook and Twitter URL to give your  site visitors a wider approach to your website.
  • Sidebar – with the help of this setting, you can set up your preferred sidebar positions and all other elements concerning the sidebar and sidebar widgets of your site.
  • LigthBox (prettyPhoto) – in this setting, you can add or remove ThemeFuse’s LightBox feature.
  • Disable SEO Options – in this option, you can easily disable your site’s SEO framework by simply clicking the check box under General Options.
  • Dynamic Images – if you want to automatically resize the images in your website, just click the check box and you are all set.


  • In the second tab of the ThemeFuse theme framework, you can find the Post tab option. In this option, you can select your most preferred position for your posts. You can specify where you want the specific posts to appear by simply choosing a post position and the height and width that you want for each post to appear.


  • In the Top tab option, you can add menu text in the top portion of your site. No backend codes involve, you just have to create your own text and the Top Menu Text is set.


  • The Bottom tab option is the third tab in the ThemeFuse theme framework. With this option, you can easily add details in the bottom area of your site. You can also add shortcodes for the bottom details of your website with just a click of a button.


  • Footer tab option is almost the same as the Bottom tab. You can add shortcodes in the footer area. By clicking the check box under footer tab option, you can easily enable or disable the footer shortcodes.


  • The Advertising tab option in the ThemeFuse theme framework is one of the best options under ThemeFuse framework because this is the option where money can generate. You have to know the details of this feature to help you generate income for your website. In this tab, ads can be displayed easily without any codes related. By simply adding the adsense codes or other ad network codes in this Advertising tab of ThemeFuse, you can have your ads displayed in seconds, easy as that. You have 4 ready to use ad spaces, 2 available ad spaces for 728x90px, 1 available ad space for 300x250px and 1 available ad space for 125x125px.


  • SEO tab option is the last tab in the ThemeFuse theme framework. This tab option will help you market your website online by setting up your site’s SEO keywords. The keywords are divided into two categories, META Data for HomePage and General META. The first category is the option where you set your custom title, keywords and descriptions for your homepage while the other one is where you set your general keywords and descriptions for archives, homepage and other pages.

The best part in purchasing a theme from ThemeFuse is its very supportive partners. The success of ThemeFuse is far more than just a business for individuals behind the ThemeFuse team; the ThemeFuse team has gained the trust of their customers by providing all the help possible for their customers’ success.

ThemeFuse Newsletter Plug-in

  • The Themefuse Framework also has its Newsletter plug-in that lets you see the list of people who have subscribed to your mailing list. You can have your own newsletter service in seconds, absolutely free of charge when you purchase themes from ThemeFuse.

Shortcode Generator

  • ThemeFuse Framework has its own built-in Shortcode Generator where you can easily select the shortcode you want to use and create highly stunning appearance of your website with just few clicks and selections. Just select and let the codes appear automatically into your website. Simple codes that can help you improve your site’s layout.

Post Contents

  • With the use of ThemeFuse Framework, posting contents for your site is very fast and easy. Everything is there and all set up for you, all you need is the contents to post and you can start running your website without a hassle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Choosing ThemeFuse themes will not cost you a fortune since ThemeFuse offers a trial before you buy system for their prospect customers. You will not have to worry about paying too much for nothing because ThemeFuse will not waste your time and money, if you are interested to try how the themes of ThemeFuse works, you can visit their site and try it for yourself.

ThemeFuse Freebies

  • When you purchase any themes from ThemeFuse, you will also receive a variety of ThemeFuse Freebies. You can receive tons of cool ThemeFuse Freebies weekly.

Here is the list of the ThemeFuse Freebies that you can get when you purchase themes from ThemeFuse Themes:

  • Category Stickers
  • Medica Web Slider
  • Dark UI Kit
  • Coming Soon Countdown
  • Social Buttons
  • Blog Post Entry
  • Categories Menu
  • Sort By Filter
  • Creative Web Slider
  • Navigation Menus
  • Reservation Form
  • Slider Composition
  • Tasty Buttons
  • Art Easel Icon
  • C3 Slider
  • SiliconApp Icons
  • Video Grid TV Icon
  • Bokeh Background PSD
  • Moleskine Icon PSD
  • Envision Slider Composition
  • A Basket Full Of Tasty Buttons
  • Envision Pricing Page PSD
  • Email Newsletter PSD

ThemeFuse Partners

  • If you need some customization help from professional designers, ThemeFuse team can help you out by providing you their list of professional partners. You can contact and ask help from WordPress professionals who are certified experts when it comes to customizing the themes under ThemeFuse Framework.

ThemeFuse Theme Framework is more focused in giving ease and comfort to their customers by providing them a completely easy to customize website. The core of the ThemeFuse Theme Framework is very solid and nailed with style that can let every individual become professional in creating and managing their own website. With ThemeFuse, creating your website is as easy as 123!


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