Web.com Review – June 2021

web.com review

Web hosting setup and building is generally straightforward. With Web.com, what was supposed to be a painful process is now a pain-free one. Importing a WordPress blog or an ecommerce site has never been this easy. What is more, the upside is Web.com delivers impeccable customer service that is very helpful and time waiting for support is not that bad too.

What is Web.com?

Web.com aims to help small-time online businesses succeed. It have over 3 million customers and three decades of experience, it is a dream come true for businesses to achieve such goal with the company’s help. With their easy and simple solutions, your business will surely grow in no time.

features web.com

Features of Web.com

There are three hosting plans available at Web.com. All packages are equipped with a website builder, access to open source apps, website backup and a domain name for free. There is even an option to choose existing domain that is already used by you.

Essential Hosting is the basic plan of Web.com. It includes 10 email accounts, 300GB disk space and a domain name of choice. An introductory rate to all existing plans which last within a year is also available. In addition, Professional Hosting offers an upgrade of 25 email accounts and 500 GB disk space. Meanwhile, Premium Hosting have unlimited disk spaces and 25 email accounts. For all web hosting plans, free domains are for 1 year. You have the option to choose whether to sign up for a month, a year or two years, whichever is convenient.

Web.com plans does not include a VPS feature or a dedicated hosting but a nice catch to counter this is their 30-day money back guarantee.

Easy Web Hosting Set Up

Web.com set up is very easy. You get to build a site by choosing a color scheme and website design, edit site content i.e. images, pages, etc. It is also plus that the website builder features a spell check. It is easier to replace images and change social media options. Documents can be uploaded; the same is true with maps, search bar, contact form and HTML. You can manage the mobile site as well for another year with $10 charge.

WP Blog Builder

It is easy to add a WordPress-based blog. You simply navigate the open source applications and choose WordPress.

Email Set Up

You can set up the email account from the dashboard of the main page. Web.com assigns you with an admin@address plus 9 additional accounts with the basic plan. It is just a few clicks away. The email password requires up to 14 unique characters (a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, special characters). This may be a little tedious but secures and make your account safe.

Setting up a Store

Accepting payments are in a manner of different ways at Web.com. For one, you can use Take-a-Payment just for $9.95 but the store is not included there yet. You could have a good start with eCommerce Express at $29.95 or Standard at $59.95 a month. With Express, you can be able to sell 20 items plus a unlimited email accounts. Standard, on the other hand, allows you 500 products to sell, access to email marketing options, and submit Google search products.

Online Security

You are guaranteed to be spam protected as Web.com is powered by CatchGuard. In addition is the antivirus for emails. For $5/month, SSL certificate is available.

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