10 Interesting Facts About WordPress

10 Interesting Facts About WordPress tb

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10 Interesting Facts About WordPress

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS platform used by web designers. Here are some interesting facts about WordPress that might interest you.

# 1 – 70 million sites are powered by WordPress platform

70 million sites are powered by wordpress platform

  • Over 70 million of today’s blogs all over the world are using WordPress, ten times bigger than the users of other cms platform. The latest stat of WordPress sites is 70,828,281 that keeps growing and growing every single day. You can visit https://en.wordpress.com/stats/ for more details about the latest actual count and activity of WordPress sites all over the world.

# 2 – WordPress host millions of wordpress blogs written in different languages

wordpress hosting

  • WordPress is currently hosting millions of blogs all over the world written in over 120 different languages. WordPress is localized and translated to different languages so every reader can well understand contents of your blogs, top 5 languages used for most blogs are English (66%), Spanish (8.7%), Portuguese (6.5%), Indonesian (3.5%) and Italian (2%).

#3 – WordPress supports notable WordPress users

notable wordpress blogs

  • WordPress supports most of the huge and well-known news sites like The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Reuters and Maclean’s. WordPress also serves well-known company sites and eCommerce sites like Ebay, Sony, Best Buy, Modelinia, StyleWatch, Samsung and others. There are also famous celebrities, bands and personalities that use WordPress like Katy Perry, Jay-Z and Rolling Stones to showcase their careers.

#4 – 40 million searches on Google for related to WordPress terms

40 million google search

  • Every month, Google encounters almost 40 million searches on WordPress terms and other related to WordPress as well. This is an indication that WordPress is really a top of the peak of the searches.

#5 – WordPress has 26,366 available plugins

wordpress plugins

  • WordPress offers 26,366 available plugins for all WordPress users with over 500 million downloads and still growing every day, you can find the best list of plugins made by different plugin developers from the free and simplest ones up to the best and highly rated plugins, visit wordpress.org to see the download rate and comments of each plugin you want.

#6 – WordPress has 1,934 free themes

wordpress free themes

  • WordPress has 1,934 available themes all for grabs and free. If you are looking for free beautiful themes, then find what suits your taste in WordPress list of themes. The themes of WordPress have been downloaded almost 80 million times already.

#7 – WordPress web developers are in-demand on freelancing sites

wordpress developers

  • According to the latest stats, WordPress developers are one of the most in-demand freelancers on most of the freelancing sites including Odesk.com. WordPress is also one of the top skills needed if you want to work as freelancer that can help you earn $50 to $100 per hour of service.

#8 – WordPress just turn 10 years old

10 wordpress years

  • WordPress just celebrated its 10th year anniversary of its existence from the day it was publicly release by Matt Mullenweg. It is known to be the top CMS platform that 18.9 percent of the blogs today from old to new is currently using WordPress platform. 10 years of flying with colors on the web and the founder himself is eager to give you more of what WordPress can offer as it keeps soaring high.

#9 – 111 available WordPress versions

wordpress versions

  • From the first day it was release up to this very moment, WordPress is said to be very aggressive in conquering the world of blogging. Way back 10 years ago when WordPress was first introduce to web marketers it keeps booming and keeps updating to make it even better for every release. Last August 1, 2013, the111th version of WordPress has been release to give your wordpress sites a blast like no other, you can download the latest WordPress 3.6 Oscar version at WordPress.org.

#10 – Millions of Youtube videos are embedded to WordPress sites

youtube to wordpress

  • Every day, WordPress users are growing and not just WordPress itself, videos uploaded to Youtube gets maximum exposure as well by simply embedding it to different WordPress sites and by doing that your videos will surely get millions of viewers in a flash, this is how great WordPress is, that gives other sites a whole new avenue to be exposed with the help of WordPress.



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