10 Most Popular WordPress Tutorials Sites

most popular wordpress tutorials sites tb

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wordpress org

WordPress is one of the most powerful cms platform tool used by almost 20 percent of today’s websites all around the world. It is easy to use and very user-friendly that any individual can learn in a short period of time. This platform is a very in-demand these days that most website owners have to learn. Being able to edit, design and run WordPress is a very in-demand skill as most online marketers require it as primary skill that one must have to become successful in any online related business.

There are over 60 million sites that are run by WordPress and since it is very in-demand most blog owners and plugin developers are focusing on WordPress niche to get huge number of audiences. If you want to learn how WordPress works too, there are plenty of sources where you can find all the information you need that can help you out in learning WordPress pretty well.

The list below is the top WordPress tutorial sites to help you start:

#1 WordPress.org

wordpress org

WordPress.org – is the best site to go if you want to know the basic of everything about WordPress, simply because this is the community that started it all. WordPress created a community that gave life to WordPress itself before it became very viral like how it is today. You can find anything in here from stats to latest plugins, themes and other any related to WordPress.


 #2 DigWp.com

dig wp com

DigWp.com – is run by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr, both are successful developers that helps other individual to do great in designing and detailing your WordPress sites. The intention of DigWp is focus in giving in-depth understanding about WordPress to help you understand and take your site to the next level. This is a complete and comprehensive compilation of materials to make you a better coder in using WordPress.


#3 Net.TutsPlus.com

net tuts plus com

Net.TutsPlus.com – is a site where you can submit original tutorials about WordPress, photography, production, designing and others to help other online marketers get extensive knowledge about how to improve their WordPress experience. In return with your effort, you will get payment for each accepted tutorials you submit. You can gain and learn WordPress at the same time.


#4 WordPressHacks.com

wordpress hacks com

WordPressHacks – is a tutorial site that provides informative articles about WordPress, themes, plugins and other related to WordPress. You can find detailed tutorials on designing and how to make your site better and better as it grows. This is a tutorial site that can surely take your WordPress experience further and easier.

#5 Noupe.com

noupe com

Noupe.com – is a multi-functional site that provides almost all necessary elements of teaching you the best about WordPress. It sells other materials as well to make your site even beautiful, from themes, plugins, images, tools and others. You can also find lots of tutorials in this site to help you in anything you need for your site.


#6 Themelab.com

themelab com

Themelab.com – is own by Leland Fiegel, a self-proclaimed expert when it comes to WordPress. He personally works, develop and write tutorials for Themelab himself. The aim of the site is to give free informative tutorials to anyone, as a support in their WordPress designing. You can find lots of useful tutorial in this site and probably one of the best places to start learning WordPress.

#7 iThemes.com

ithemes com

iThemes.com – is an open and interactive site where you are free to contribute your themes, plugins and other interesting material for WordPress. This site is perfect for starters as it has a lot of easy to do designing concepts; it has numerous ready to use and beautiful themes with powerful plugins, a one stop shop for WordPress users.


#8 WPRecipes.com

wprecipes com

WPRecipes.com – is a site developed by Jean-Baptiste Jung after the success of his previous site Cats Who Code to help other developers and site owners who love to learn a lot of things about WordPress. This is an interactive site for WordPress lovers who wants to ask and answers questions related to WordPress.


#9 Themestube.com

themestube com

Themestube.com – is probably the best site for beginners as it lays the simplest and basic tutorials for WordPress users. You will be amazed of its tutorial collection as it has the most answers to all of your possible questions in WordPress. Find the best tips for handling and maintaining your site at Themestube.


#10 WPEngineer.com

wp engineer com

WpEngineer – is created by numerous authors that love WordPress a lot. The aim of these 3 expert WordPress developers is to give a better ways and solutions on improving your WordPress dilemma. You can find lots of tricks and tips about WordPress in this site that can help you improved in detailing your sites.


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