3 Reasons to Choose Author Pro in Promoting your WordPress Blog

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author pro for wordpress
There are two things that you need to know if you are thinking of putting up a blog: now is the best and worst time to do it.

While most authors these days abhor the extent of access publishing companies give for marketing of books and other content-related items, online content authors hold the power to shape audience message, build platform and maintain connections with their target.

We recognize the fact that there are myriads of changes on the manner of authors presenting themselves on the Internet. And we have two solutions to meet this end of hardworking and persistent authors today.

In this blog entry, we will be introducing to you Studiopress’ Author Pro theme. Go ahead and scroll down your window so you will learn more about it. By the end of this post you will know the reasons why Author Pro theme is best WordPress theme for your needs as an author.

1. Newest Theme

Meet the WordPress’ Author Pro theme, the newest designed by authors for authors. It was made exactly to satisfy your need for a clean and easy website navigation, a wide platform so you can grow audience before and after the book launching, a simple way to sell and work your own platform, and of course, to be empowered by certain technology-based support.
All this and more is offered to you by The Author Pro. It is streamlined to bring you beautiful pages and unique design elements to help direct your eyes to your work of fiction, which is after all the goal of most of you.

2. Powerful Plugin

The theme makes use of the all-new plugin called Genesis Author Pro; making it a booster of functionality. With this, installation is done in one-click and can be made with any child theme framework. This profane range of customizability was made possible as per request of authors who were searching for means to easily display books on the website.

After installation, you will have access to a line of tools which can be used in building audience and work promotion. You can also neatly present your published works in a library-style feature. This is possible with the custom book of the plugin.
In addition, every book comes with a feature title, description, book cover, author, price, editor, ISBN, publication date and some formats. What is more, you can indulge your customers to an easy-access of your book by using the customized buttons with links.

3. Transferring the Leads

Author Pro is made to help authors in getting their work to their target readers. If you have Genesis Framework, Author theme is perfect as it already installs the Genesis plugin for free and starts up the author platform and begins the set up. It is interestingly designed for authors out there.

You will be able to build your platform on Genesis Framework and will be solid ground for security and search engine optimization, which you will surely enjoy.

With these and more, Author Pro theme is the best that you can have. It is streamlines for your work and texts. In no time you will get the whole world look at you. Combine with the tools, you will get enormous possibilities from the plugin in making up that powerful platform you have been dreaming about.

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