6 Strategies to Boost your SEO Efforts

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boost seo efforts
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing endeavour. New updates, trends and strategies are developed and released overtime. It is one of the much advancement that will adopt evolution and change.

As a recap, in 2014 alone, 13 Google algorithm update have been released, which embarked and tested the daily efforts of some SEO practitioners today.

Of course, our company is not an exception to this. In fact, we continue to adjust with the flow of SEO until today in the belief that our clients based on the factors for consideration. Here are the biggest SEO changes that your SEO efforts are going to enter into. Let us look at 6 of these strategies to boost your SEO efforts.

mobile friendly

1. Mobile Optimization

Some years ago, it was predicted by SEO experts that mobile traffic will have its peak in 2014. True to their words, SEO world has adapted with that development. It is said that responsive websites provide the ultimate user experience. In fact, Google has started to include a mobile-friendly scheme to web search results dedicated to mobile searches.

search engine optimization

2. Optimizing not only for Google

Since the hype of SEO Google has not shared the limelight with other search engines. Sadly, for Yahoo and Bing they were not good at taking the market share by storm. But with the fresh start of the year, could it be that they could be at par with Google and take on the other side of the pie?

It has always been the question, which has been long overdue for these other search engines. Nevertheless, many believe that with the myriad of options to choose from apart from Google, it is not impossible that the spotlight will shine across these search engines in no time. (That or it can outshine Google).

return on investments

3. ROI metrics IN, Keyword rank OUT

Gone are the days when the focus of most SEO companies is keyword rankings and keyword-based campaigns to get impressive positioning. The name of the game now is ROI metrics by the end of the month in black and white. Reporting straight to your face on the numbers will keep you on track these days. It is more realistic and ideal this way.

social network

4. Concentrate on Social Media

Gone are also the days when social media is a mere platform of maintaining connections and sharing statuses. Today, contents, ads and other marketing schemes are exchanged in social networking that inputs leads for your business. Social media has metamorphosed both as a marketing and customer service channel. Your target audience in social media expects that your brand will be as engaging on a personal note. Thus, it is recommended to focus on the big three social media platforms. This way you will only get the best of your goals: sales, revenue and connections. Not to mention loyalty from members and visitors alike. Take advantage of this and you will see the opportunities right in front of you.

earn links

5. Earn Links

Years back, the trend was to build links to remain in the game but now the trend has diverted to earning links. Then again the fact remains that inbound links are significant in terms of authority and trust. This idea and principle will remain until the end of time (we believe so).

Earning a link on relevant and high-quality website is valuable for number reasons, which of course includes search engine optimization. The same is true for traffic generation, sales, leads and branding.

target preciseness

6. Target preciseness

Finally, preciseness is just the key element for a solid online marketing scheme. You can do that by targeting on more specific keywords not broad ones (as it is coming to its end). Although broad keywords entail huge number of search volume, they don’t attract your desired audience. Long tails and specific keywords although have less competition are safer. Here, keyword research will be a significant endeavour. So practice that skill and understand deal you need to take on.

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