8 Essential Web Design Elements

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web design elements
Imagine this: you just started creating persuasive contents on your blog but the results turned out to be the worse and now you wonder what is wrong.

Don’t get us wrong but nothing could overcome creating useful website contents, a website must still have usable visitors to share and make it viral.

There is a reason behind why there are websites or blogs that captivate user’s attention. We are here to point is one-by-one to you in this 8 essential web designing elements entry.


1. Homepage

This is the most important element of a website because all your visitors will be seeing this firsthand. And in this industry, making a good first impression definitely lasts. Your website needs to be impressive so that your visitors will be engaged in browsing the website, and for that to happen, you must have something in your homepage that will interest them—or trigger their curiosity. On that note, it must not be too attractive but rather must be compelling. It should not overcrowd in order to achieve this but should be simply made on details that matter most and will bring impact.

Your goal must already be visible—not implied—on your homepage. It must be clear and focused and never to overwhelm your visitors with a plethora of distractions. Remember that your homepage is considered as your website’s blueprint. Everything must be organized and all the elements in perfect harmony.

onsite graphics

2. Onsite Graphics

Making use of appropriate graphics or flash-based greetings will help your audience to know more about your site or blog. If you are more of a content-rich type of platform, you need to allow your visitors to land on the information they are looking for through deep-linking from your homepage. For those into entertainment and showbiz websites, a graphic-rich site with animation will help a lot as this will give your visitors an overview what your website is about.

catchy and persuasive web design headline

3. Catchy and Persuasive Headline

The headline must be as engaging as your homepage and graphics to attain the benefits you are looking for. It is an important element as it provides the summary of the essence of your site. To be effective, use the headline at the start so you can capture people’s attention the moment they open your site. A lot of prospect visitors prefer brief and concise headlines in contrast with long and boring descriptions.

web design navigation

4. Navigation

An effective navigation would mean that your site helps your visitors to locate something very easily. As much as possible, your website must be a one-click navigation platform. Of course, you must create a balance between simplicity and obtrusiveness, the latter having to cause complications on your functions. Also, your website navigation must be consistent. You should have labels for every button to avoid confusion on your visitor’s end.

web design deep linking

5. Effective Deep Linking

It is important to ensure that your website’s internal pages are linked with your homepage because the latter being the entry point will be easier for search engines to read it. Hence, it is wise that your homepage is equipped with impeccable navigation system featuring hypertext links on significant subpages. To be more appealing, you can add thumbnail images to your page links; this way your visitors will notice it right away. The same is true if you opt for larger graphics and links because it will increase their curiosity on certain sections of your website.

web design content

6. Website Content

The content is that part of your website that your visitors read following the headline. Your content needs to impressive and must explain in detail what websites are all about. It must be brief and concise as well as readable. You should also consider the constant evolution of the web therefore it is advised that you keep it as updated as possible. Also, you can prioritize on the contents featured on your homepage. Be sure to keep it fresh always. If you are into online selling, your new arrivals must be a priority to be placed on the homepage.

web design contact information

7. Contact Information

This is usually found on separate website pages but you need to make sure that you will provide links to your contact information from your homepage. In fact, it is advised that you have links on your contact pages so it will be accessible to your visitors. Also, it will help in increasing your website’s credibility and authority.

web design search query

8. Search Query

Search query usually comes in the form of a search box which caters to help visitors find what they need on your website in a click or two. Most websites today have search segments which allow them to have multiple word searches.

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