A Primer on WordPress Cloud Hosting

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wordpress cloud hosting
Wordpress is a crowd favourite as a unique blogging and CMS platform. It is a global success in terms of web building for it devises easy control options and customization. With WordPress, you do not need to be an expert or guru to be able to create pages. You can simply manoeuvre the post section, add an entry, approve comments and install plugins. The ease and comfort you experience with WordPress is incomparable.

To be at par with innovation, WordPress has recently introduced the concept of Cloud Hosting. Its benefits is applied with VPS, regular shared server as well as dedicated hosting. Once it is “in the cloud” the website will not be hosted by a single server instead it spread on several servers unified as a system. So gone are the days where one machine rely on another’s resources. With cloud hosting, you can simply pull resources from several servers and empower them to scale the website.

The primary benefit of this hosting genus is that it allows you to add as well as remove resources needed, if not needed you only pay the ones used and just go.

WordPress Cloud Hosting simply means that your website enjoys scalability mixed with the benefits of the usual cloud hosting. So to understand this trend, we are giving you this primer on wordpress cloud hosting.

1. Optimized Server by WordPress

The cloud servers are successfully optimized by WordPress but your hosting company has a team of technical experts that knows WordPress very well, so they can address any issue related with server malfunction. Each server is well-tested by running diverse WordPress versions so fixing issues will not be a problem.
wordpress server

2. Trusted Managed Hosting

The solutions offered by WordPress cloud hosting is managed by system and database admins as well as technicians. In other words, WordPress experts will solve any issues or troubleshooting that will arise. These experts know their way around in running a WordPress-based website operated by a cloud server. Among the things these experts are capable of addressing are: updates, plugin issues, backups, monitoring, maintenance, etc.
trusted managed hosting

3. Scalability

WordPress Cloud Hosting offers scalable server resources of certain web requirements. So in the event that your website could not handle the sudden traffic increase, you can simply apply additional resources to it. This is very ideal especially during peak hours.
scalability wordpress

4. Reliability

You might have notice that servers have such tendency to experience crashes but if you are using cloud hosting on your WordPress site, you have backups that will just kick-in and are ready to keep with your website all the time. With cloud hosting, you are increasing reliability while minimizing server downtime.

5. Security

WordPress is a common target among hackers but with cloud hosting on your website, you are offered the following: redundant firewalls, malware scanning, admin access controls, automatic core or plugin updates, custom firewall rules and DDos Protection.

6. Content Delivery Network

CDN or Content Delivery Network is applied for fast and efficient content delivery on your website. This is brought by the impatient need of most users to deliver their contents in the fastest possible way. With this goal in mind, CDN can effectively achieve. A CDN allows a website to replicate in different and multiple locations. So if someone will access your site from the other side of the content, a CDN server will deliver that access request without any hassle.
content delivery network

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