Facts about VPS Hosting and Why Choose ‘Em

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vps hosting
You may have heard or read about VPS (Virtual Private Server) in the previous posts that we have shared in this website. In this post, we will be giving you some facts about VPS hosting and why choose them.

VPS hosting may be likened to a condominium in real estate where you can level-up and enjoy the experience of having your own space. You maintain your personal interior and make your repair and modifications. There are significant bonuses too such as rights to a space allocation of the needed resources.

Now that we have settled that VPS hosting service is a perfect choice for you, let us move on to the factors that makes it even the right choice.

1. Quick Response

This is one of the important features of VPS hosting—customer service. You can be able to get the quickest solutions from your customer support if something goes wrong. This is made possible as everything these days is fast and easy.

vps bluehost quick response

2. Updates, Updates, Updates

With a VPS host, updates are provided to you (not the other way around). Your hosting service updates your cPanel version and other important server side components. It removes the burden of you doing those things by yourself. This is a standard practice of today’s leading VPS hosting.

vps hosting inexpensive choice

3. Competitive Hosting

The best VPS hosting will make your competitors realize that there are offers that are not featured by others on top of its lower price tag feature, and they should start a re-evaluation of their own. For instance, there hosting companies that are known for boosting features with no cost available to their competitors. It is simply the best when any hosting should reconsidered after two years of being with them.

vps fatcow competitive hosting

4. Security

The best VPS host have certain measures offered to customers by default. These help in common issues such as force attacks. If their software does not perform this, the support must help address the issues. Will your chosen provider help you resolve any attack and recover from its effects? Their service will surely be at par with the best.

vps inmotionhosting

Now for the reasons why VPS hosting is a choice you can trust especially if you are a newbie and stay at home webmaster-blogger…

1. Inexpensive Choice

Over the years, VPS prices have become more inexpensive. Its cost starts at $600 annual rate—a very practical cost and a manageable at that for the expense of running a business and paying taxes.

vps justhost inexpensive choice

2. A Bucket Full of Resources

Imagine a 10GB space on your hard drive but that of course that far from what a VPS host account can offer you. Think about what most Drupal or WordPress-based websites can get, it is obvious that you are having far better resources that most websites do. This is perhaps the reason why starting off with VPS makes a lot of sense.

vps-ixwebhosting bucket resources

3. A little bit of Freedom

You are on your own with VPS but trust that you can always count that you will not regret from such experience. With VPS, you will have unlimited FTP and domain accounts, free server backups, dedicated IP addresses, 24/7 customer monitoring, quick admin support system, etc.

vps hostgator freedom

4. A Very Serious Business

Unlike other hosting service, there is no gimmickry with VPS hosting. When they tell you it is unlimited, you are assured that it is indeed unlimited. These resources are not metered by inodes and that when you exceed from the standard, you account will be closed and will already be without a warning.

vps godaddy serious business

5. No hardware interaction

You will never interact with hardware because VPS hosts are paired with host-managed hardware. No need to worry about rebooting your server at dawn whenever it will experience downtime. No more configuration too or difficult server settings. Interestingly, you will never encounter server-side or Cpanel software upgrade.

vps dreamhost hardware interaction

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