Installing FTP


In order for you to upload your WordPress files to the server, you will need to install a FTP program. The best FTP software to do this is Filezilla. So go ahead and download Filezilla and install it on your computer. You can skip this step and log in to your WordPress admin panel if your hosting provides one click Fantastic WordPress setup script.

Configuring Your FTP

Open up Filezilla and go to File>Site Manager and click New Site. Enter your HOST name, server type, user name and password and click OK. All the login details can be found when your Host first setup your server for you. If the Host doesn’t provide you with the port number, just leave the port empty.

Click OK to save your login details and go to Site Manager and click Connect to test your FTP server. If it fails to connect, double check your login info again. Once you have successfully install FTP, we can move on to upload the files for FTP.

Filzilla site manager

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