What is WordPress?

WordPress is a very powerful content management software for creating web 2.0 websites. It started out as a blog software and now it is used to create business websites and gallery showcase. What makes it so popular is that it is free and comes with a nice admin page to update your individual pages. Besides that, you can quickly add in contact pages, newsletter features, rss feed and more. All these helps to engage your readers without the need to know any web programming!

Key Features of WordPress

  • Easy to Update
  • Admin control panel to update your site
  • Formatting toolbar for setting H1, H2, H3, paragraph, bold, italic tags
  • Comes with RSS feed
  • Comes with social bookmarking features (using Plugins)
  • Search engine friendly
  • Comes with commenting features
  • Easily upload images to your site

What You Do with WordPress

  • Create a blog
  • Create your business website
  • Make a hobby website
  • Showcase your portfolio (using a gallery theme)
  • Make a membership site
  • Make a fan page
  • Create a classified page (using plugins)

What You Can’t Do with WordPress

  • Make a booking system for hotels/services
  • Create a full-fledged ecommerce to sell products

Hopefully this summary give you a clear idea what you can or cannot achieve with wordpress.

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