Best WordPress Affiliate Store Plugins

best wordpress affiliate stores plugin

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best wordpress affiliate store plugins

Creating an affiliate store of your own is a great way to earn revenues. You don’t need to manufacture your own products to be displayed in your ecommerce stores, all you need is a marketing tool that can integrate products from different merchants into your own websites. These plugins are very helpful tools with features that can help you do the job quickly with less effort and integrate as many products you like. A few bucks can help you turn your affiliate sites into a massive online money maker sites.

There are quite many affiliate store plugins for wordpress but only few are good enough to help you out in earning. Listed below are affiliate store plugins that might be a great help for you to advance in this business with overview of its features and what it can do to help you out in making great amount of money from your wordpress affiliate sites.



Datafeedr is a new and promising wordpress plugin that can integrate thousands of products into your affiliate stores. It will help you integrate products from different merchants by simply clicking the options and choose only which merchants or products you want to promote. It has numerous features that are well coded and organized to help every newbie or expert affiliate store owner. Their data feeds allow you to create a factory-like store which has thousands and thousands of products to choose from and everything is under your control. Datafeedr supports many networks like Amazon, Clickbank, Google Affiliate Network, LinkShare and more which will give you more options to earn commissions from your simple affiliate store. With the use of this plugin, you can save time customizing, promote your site easily, integrate products in a flash and earn as many commissions you can. This plugin can be of your advantage among other online competitors and it can also help your site visitors experience a hassle free online shopping.

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WPZon Builder

wpzon builder

WPZon Builder is a great plugin for wordpress affiliate stores that can integrate products from Amazon instantly. This plugin is more focus in promoting Amazon products and lets you integrate thousands of Amazon products in seconds. There are free templates available upon purchase of this plugin; you may customize it to create a new look and feel for your affiliate store. This plugin is a solid marketing tool that can create any affiliate store of your choice in just 10 minutes. If you are a newbie you may learn how this plugin works by simply following their video tutorials and have your affiliate store up and running. This tool is not just for wordpress sites, it can also cater non-worpress sites and easily integrate Amazon products to your affiliate store without a hassle. You can create an Amazon affiliate store (US, UK, CA, DE, FR, JP, IT, CN & ES locales) in any parts of the globe. With the help of this tool you can maximize your earnings and earn commissions directly from Amazon.

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ReviewAzon Pro


ReviewAzon Pro 2.0 is one of the best wordpress plugins for affiliate stores since it can serve as Amazon wordpress plugin at the same time it is a great wordpress plugin for review sites as well. You can create your own affiliate store that integrates products from Amazon with this plugin and lets you earn commissions from your affiliate store. Though this plugin is more focus to Amazon products only, it has a very solid interface that works well with other 3rd party plugins and lets you build your own affiliate store instantly. You can create an affiliate site or review site in seconds without touching a thing from the backend codes and choose your desired settings for each product list and filter which you don’t want to use. This is one of the most recommended plugins for newbie since it’s easy to use and maintain and it has a great support as well. Setting up your affiliate store or review site is never been this easy with ReviewAzon, you can easily add keyword searches, shopping cart, product listings, customer reviews, videos and other stuff to make every detail of your site become catchy and visible for everyone. Whether you want to create a review site or just a plain affiliate store, no worries, ReviewAzon got your back in earning your commissions.

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phpZon Pro/phpBay Pro

phpbay phpzon

phpZon Pro and phpBay Pro are both wordpress plugins created to integrate products from online retailers like Amazon and eBay. phpZon Pro is for Amazon Products and phpBay is for eBay products, both are coded expertly and are available for purchase to serve your wordpress affiliate stores. This plugin is rich with features that are very helpful in running your wordpress affiliate stores, whether you want to integrate Amazon or eBay products into your site. Though phpZon Pro is release later than phpBay Pro, both have the same concept and the same developer. phpBay Pro is a proven and tested wordpress plugin that can help you maximize the earning revenues of your affiliate stores, phpZon Pro can serve your site the same effect as well. Both plugins can be installed in one affiliate store, are stable, SEO optimized, Keyword Base Searches, targets specific niches and more features to offer. There are other affiliate store plugins too under phpBay, these plugins are worth checking out.

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WP Robot


WP Robot is an auto-blogging plugin developed specifically for wordpress sites. This plugin is known for its ability to create auto-post contents for your websites with ease in customization and maintenance. This is a great plugin for affiliate stores and there are quite many marketers who are happy with this plugin’s powerful features. WP Robot is powerful tool in boosting your affiliate income, it can target keywords, rewrite articles, SEO optimized, and it can integrate eBay products, Amazon products, YouTube videos, ClickBank ads and so many other services available for you.  If you are running a wordpress blog and you want to import different products from different online retailers into your site, WP Robot has all the features you need. You may purchase any add-on module of this plugin or purchase the WP Robot full version for only 169$, with 22 modules along with your purchase.

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ShopperPress is a wordpress plugin for affiliate stores that can offer many services for your sites. You can easily create affiliate stores that can import Amazon and eBay products instantly. Hundreds and thousands of products are being manufactured every single day and it has to be promoted to get it sold, with ShopperPress, you can easily import any products that meet your criteria and promote it on your affiliate stores. ShopperPress has great features, 20+ built-in store designs, easy to install and maintain, SEO optimized and requires no programming skills. You can also create other types of online stores with the use of this plugin like download online stores or anything that you may want to help you increase your earning revenues. ShopperPress can help you run your site smoothly and it also offers many options of payment like Paypal, Worldpay, Paypal Payments Pro, eWay, Alertpay, Money Bookers and more that will surely help your visitors shop until they drop with so many options to choose from.

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MaxBlogPress Ninja


MaxBlogPress Ninja is an auto-blogging plugin for wordpress affiliate stores that aims to double or triple what you are currently earning right now. This is a great plugin that focuses in giving you the easiest way to maintain and customize your affiliate stores. It has numerous features to offer like easy and flexible link management, lets you create redirect links, manage links by groups, insert affiliate links directly, prevent affiliate theft, transforms keywords to links and so many more features to mention. This is a great tool to drive traffic for your site as well that can turn RSS feeds into a marketing machine that helps you generate a great amount of money for your websites. It can magically turn your website into a very great money making affiliate site and everything is purely click and pick options. You can boost your income fast and easy with MaxBlogPress Ninja for only 97$ only.

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WP Shopping Pages


WP Shopping Pages is a powerful affiliate plugin for wordpress blogs that supports Amazon, eBay, LinkShare, Commission Junction affiliate networks. It can integrate many products for your site and lets you add all of it in an instant. You can easily fill your sites with products that are related to your sites niche and let your visitors purchase the product of their choice. You can build a huge store for your chosen products and create a large number of shopping pages all at once without extra effort on your part. You can also customize how you want to display your products with descriptions, prices, buy now images, features, images, reviews and ratings. This plugin also offers automatic updates every week, offers free support and unlimited usage. You can also purchase WP Robot along with WP Shopping Pages, both are great together that can make your affiliate site become more powerful.

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Popshops is a wordpress plugin available for purchase since 2007, their main objective is to provide coupon and product feed for their customers. Over 50,000+ products can be integrated into your site with the use of this plugin and lets you create a profitable store of your own in just a click a button. Popshops has 3 available packages to purchase, you can choose between Pro unlimited (14.99/mo), Enterprise (29.99/mo) and Data Pack (59.99/mo) packages or you may also avail their 30 days free trial for new affiliate stores. This plugin lets you build any storefronts of your choice, SEO friendly, autofeed, RESTful API, unlimited shops, multiple affiliate IDs with profiles and lets you access thousands of coupons and deals for your affiliate store.  You can access your stores products by prices, categories, price drops, stores and lets you keep 100% of your commissions. Popshops also has a very reliable support staff that is available to help you 24/7. Popshops is easy to use, just pick products, click options and the products of your choice will keep popping into your site.

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WP All Import

wp all import

WP All Import lets you create a power-packed and ready to use affiliate store with thousands of products available for you to be displayed. This plugin lets you import XML and CSV data feeds from different merchants into your website. WP All Import is design to work with any theme you want to use for your affiliate stores, SEO optimized, supports millions of data feeds, powerful customization settings and can be use to as many websites you want. It also supports different networks like CJ, LinkShare, Amazon, ShareASale, ClickBank and more. WP All Import lets you choose any products by any criteria you want and its powerful automatic updates makes every single product new and updated. This plugin is a guaranteed onetime expense, no monthly subscriptions and with 30 days money back guarantee if by any reason you are not satisfied with this plugin. You can purchase this plugin for only 99$ and with just one single purchase, you will start earning from your affiliate sites.

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