Gravity Forms Review

gravity forms review

Managing your website whether it is a small business or a large company can be very hard. You have to your visitors and potential customers a simple yet elegant look for your website that expresses what your company or business is all about. And of course there are plenty of WordPress plug-ins nowadays that you can use to help you such as Gravity forms.

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So What Exactly is Gravity Forms?

Gravity forms is a WordPress plug-in that helps you easily make contact forms or any kind of forms that your website needs. It is very easy to use since it has built in tools that you can easily embed forms on your WordPress website.

Features of Gravity Forms

Here are some neat features of Gravity Forms that any website owner would love to have.

Multi-Page Forms

This simple means you can make a form and then break it into multi-pages and you can even let your customers or visitors know the progress of where they are in the process using a progress bar and so on.

Here is an example of multi-page forms in action:

multi-page forms

And the great thing about the multi page form of Gravity Forms is that it is so easy to use. You just click the page break, then choose what fields you want to use such as name, email address, address and etc. Then you just drag and drop them to place them which page you would like them to appear, it is that simple!

Form Settings

Another neat feature you can see in Gravity Forms is the form settings. Here you can easily configure anything and everything about your form like the title, description, confirmation messages and so much more.

Standard and Advance Fields

Gravity forms has it all when it comes to customizing what you want in your forms such as text fields, drop-down and check box selections and did I mention they also have radio buttons? You can also choose to go more advance with advance fields such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and website URL’s.

Sample of Drop down field which can be found in Standard fields widget:

drop down field

Here is another example of a standard field using check boxes field:

checkbox field

Pricing Fields / Order Forms

You can also make order type forms where your customers and visitors can fill up to get a great offer. This type of form allows you to incorporate specific pricing fields and can even generate a total based on the options and product the users selected when filling up the order form.

Here is one example of using the Pricing / Order Field in Gravity Forms:

pricing field

Post Fields

Another great feature of Gravity forms is the ability to make a form that caters to user generated content. This type of form can create wordpress posts on your site which can be used for directory listings and a whole lot more.

Here is an example of a form using Post Fields:

post field form

Fully Compatible

If you’re worried about which web browsers are compatible with Gravity forms don’t be. Gravity forms have been thoroughly tested with up-to-date versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari on Windows PC’s and also Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Mac OSX platforms. So whoever is viewing your website will surely see and use Gravity Forms properly without any trouble at all.


Gravity forms also offers basic and advance form add-ons such as AWeber, campaign monitor, captcha, Paypal, User-registration and so much more. You can get them depending on what license you choose and this is great news for website owners that are just new to the internet marketing industry.

Gravity Forms Pricing

You’re probably asking how much does Gravity Forms cost right now. Well Gravity forms offers you three types of licenses that you can purchase which are business, developer, and personal licenses. Each of the licenses have their advantages such as the Developer license which lets you use Gravity forms on unlimited websites and comes with basic and advance form add-ons. But if you want to use Gravity forms for a personal website then you can opt for the personal license, while the business license is for small businesses or business owners that have a couple of websites they are managing.

All in all, Gravity Forms is a great buy for any small business or large company and even for personal blogs and websites. It gives more flexibility to your website and is an easy way to get feedback about what your customers and visitors want from your website.

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