Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

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Building your own ecommerce website is a very good move to market your business online, however, building one is a task that needs a thorough expertise to make your ecommerce site become a successful money maker sites.

You need to have a smashing ecommerce sites to market your business and to make sure that you will earn in return of your expense from building your own site. There are 3 things that you must know before choosing a theme for your business in order for you to earn more visitors and to help you earn great amount of money as well. (1) the layout and design of your theme should be very eye catching, it should be powerful enough to grab someone’s attention because more visitors means more money, (2) your site should provide your visitors a very user-friendly environment to keep them coming back into your store any time they want and (3) the functionalities of your ecommerce sites must be easy to learn and maintain with power-packed tools to help you run your online business smoothly.

Great design, tools, functions and features of sites are keys to make you successful in your online ecommerce business. If you are looking for great ecommerce frameworks that have all these key features, here is a short list of the best ecommerce plug-ins to help you run your business.



Cart66 Lite is a WordPress plugin for ecommerce sites that does a lot for your sites. This plugin lets you market digital products, physical products and services of your sites with the help of its easy to use and yet very powerful ecommerce framework. This shopping cart plugin has many features available, it can help you secure the process of credit card payments, manage orders and promotions, sell products internationally, set currency for your products, customizable email receipts, lets you place on any pages and post, with affiliate platform integration and multiple shipping options available for you.  Cart66 Lite is available in 3 pricing plans, choose between Single Site License, Multi Site License and Developer License and start earning money from your ecommerce sites with ease with the help of Cart66.

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WooCommerce is a free ecommerce plugin upon purchasing themes from WooThemes. The WooThemes’ price for each theme is very affordable and known to its very powerful, flexible and customizable features with free WooCommerce toolkit to serve your ecommerce site best. This ecommerce plugin helps you manage your ecommerce site a lot easier and faster, it lets you easily manage orders, manage your product inventory, multiple shipping options, lets you sell and promote any products you want and with multiple gateway options available for your customer’s needs. There are plenty of themes available in WooThemes and these themes are readily design to help you with your online store and are integrated with WooCommerce plugins. WooCommerce and WooThemes are very good option for people who are looking for beautifully design themes with very functional ecommerce plugin.

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WPStoreCart is an ecommerce plugin that helps many marketers to get more money from their ecommerce sites. This plugin has so much to offer for your sites, choose between 3 subscriptions, the Open Source which is free, WPStoreCart Blogg for 18$ and WPStoreCart Professional for 37$ only. By choosing the Professional subscription, you can avail all the features they offer including, 6 payment gateways, affiliate program platform, full support via emails, tickets and live chat, impressive alert system and more. This plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme you wish to use with powerful ajax admin panel and in-depth ecommerce statistics for your store. This is a great plugin for people who want to maximize their income; it can really help in providing an easy way to manage your sites and its potential income in the future.

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Shopp is a very powerful ecommerce plugin for WordPress which has power-packed tools and countless features to serve your ecommerce websites. Shopp has the following features: easy to use cart management system, shipping and tax estimates feature, accepts different payment methods, has numerous sidebar widgets available, support multi-languages, offers discount features and more. This plugin is available in 2 license options, 55$ for standard Single Site Access and 299$ for Developer Access. Shopp is very easy to customize and manage, the price is also enough for what it can do, plus it also offers a very massive support and documentation tutorial for you and for your sites. Give Shopp a try and you will be amazed of its countless features to offer.

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Jigoshop is an excellent ecommerce plugin for WordPress which is packed with various features. It is built by programmers with years of experience and designed for people who know how to work well with codes. This plugin will surely help you make great amount of money from your sites, it lets you sell digital, physical and virtual products, lets you manage orders easily, easily promote products, easily create discount coupons, lets you add cross-sells and up-sells, has multiple shipping options and payment gateways, has numerous shortcodes and more. If you want to use Jigoshop for your ecommerce site, you can avail subscriptions in different options, subscribe to Monthly Premium Support with monthly payment of 29$ or Yearly Premium Support with a yearly payment of 99$ or you may join the Jigoshop Club for 500$ which will offer you an ultimate value of your money.

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WP e-Commerce

wp ecommerce

WP e-Commerce is a robust and full-packed ecommerce plugin perfectly design for WordPress sites that sell products or services online. WP e-commerce is one of the most popular plugins when we talk about ecommerce because of its numerous features. This plugin can help you create very attractive online shops for your businesses with very easy to modify template system. It is very easy to install which works with standard design themes and you may also use template tags or shortcodes. This plugin is also very friendly with search engines which supports multilingual for targeting specific countries and supports multiple currencies as well. It is also compatible with most of the WordPress plugins and WordPress widgets, has catalog management and catalog browsing tools and with amazing support through online documentation. It has numerous payment options including Paypal, SagePay, eWay Payment and more. You may download a copy of this ecommerce plugin for free or purchase premium add-ons if you want to upgrade. You may visit their site for more information about the add-on prices.

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YAK Shopping Cart Plugin


YAK is an open source shopping cart plugin for WordPress that has many extensive features design to associate your products with your blog entries. This plugin can handle quite many products in different categories which will allow you to market your desired products in any variety. It has numerous payment options like Paypal, Mastercard and even manual credit card. It also has a customer order tracker to help you track down every ordered products of your site. One of the best features that this plugin can offer is its sales reports and graphs comparison stats that let you display the best sellers for the year, best sellers for the month or display a simple graph to see the sales for the month. This plugin is a helpful tool for you and it’s also an open source plugin, however, if you are planning to get an exclusive YAK handbook for detailed documentation, you have to purchase a copy to thoroughly understand how the plugin should work in a way you want or need.

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eShop is a free shopping cart plugin for WordPress, this plugin is one of the most loved plugin for WordPress among all the free ones. Though its free to use, this plugin also has numerous features like multiple options for products, lets you add products in pages and post, lets you sell downloadable products, has order handling section, basic stock control, Google base data creation, multiple payment gateways, lets you add promotional discounts and more. You may use eShop for your ecommerce sites and add other plugins to make this ecommerce plugin a lot more powerful for your online business.

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