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Top 10 WordPress Developers

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WordPress is one of the top cms platforms used by millions of websites all over the world. As for how it did become viral is still uncertain but we can thank all the WordPress developers who made all of this possible through their unending efforts in providing solutions to all of what is needed for WordPress. From the simplest plugins down to the most complex ones, developers have created lots of efforts to provide and make things easy for most of the WordPress users.

Here are the top and notable WordPress developers that have made history in providing help for most WordPressusrs worldwide:

Matt Mullenweg

matt mullenweg

  • Matt Mullenweg is a famous icon on web developing and one of the best online social media entrepreneurs today. He is the so called father of WordPress and one of the co-founders of WordPress along with other expert individuals. He started working with WordPress in 2003 and later on created many other plugins to support what WordPress needs. Two of his best plugins wereAkismet and Jetpack by WordPress.com which are both one of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress as well. Just recently, Mullenweg celebrated his 10th year success with WordPress and his aspiration for another decade of success in building great sites and developing other plugins.

Michael Torbert

michael torbert

  • Michael Torbert is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Semper Fi Web Design, founder of Semper plugins and very busy as managing partner at Home Tryst. One of his notable work is the All in One SEO Pack which is also one of most downloaded plugins with over 17 million downloads from the day it was introduced to the WordPress world. All in One SEO Pack is a very handy tool for WordPress as it helps sites become visible in search engines like Google and others which earn Torbert a very solid partnership with WordPress as one of the most valuable WordPress developers.

Joost de Valk

joost de valk

  • Joost de Valk is a web developer known for his dedication in providing free software for WordPress users. He is an open source fanatic who created and owned Yoast.com. He is known as one of the most trusted online marketer who had also help in the success of other sites like eBay and Facebook. You can find 29 plugins created by de Valk including the very famous WordPress SEO by Yoast and Google Analytics for WordPress. You can find many small shops that de Valk has work with as he is very interested in project that involves getting more visitors to the site.

Vladimir Prelovac

vladimir prelovac

  • Vladimir Prelovac is one of the most influential and most popular web developersof todaywho is focus in giving solutions to WordPress platform. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer ofPrelovac Media and has authored several books for WordPress development. He created many powerful plugins like SmartYoutube Pro, SEO SmartLinks, SEO Friendly Images, ManageWP Worker, Plugin Central, WP Wall and many more other notable WordPress plugins.

Alex King

alex king

  • Alex King is an expert web developer who created 33 powerful WordPress plugins. He is a solid contributor to WordPress from the day it was first introduced to the public web world. King is the founder of Crowd Favorite and WordPressHelpCenter, he is also a co-founder of other huge internet company like FeedLounge and CloudMoxie. One of his best works is ShareThis plugin with over 2 million donwloads and still growing.

Donncha O Caoimh

donncha o caoimh

  • Donncha O Caoimh is an online marketer who is generous in providing solutions for WordPresscms users. He gave life to 13 most useful and most downloaded plugins for 70 million users of WordPress, his best plugins are WP Super Cache with over with over 5 million downloads, PollDaddy Polls and Ratings, Exploit Scanner, WordPress MU Domain Mapping and many more others.

Alex Mills

alex mills

  • Alex Mills is a web developer known commonly as Viper007Bond, who run his own sites and helps WordPress users by providing quality and powerful plugins. He works in Automatic alongside with other brilliant minds that supported the improvement of WordPress. Automatic is a company behind the success of WordPress and as part of automatic, Mills created 37 smashing plugins including WPphone, Jetpack by WordPress.com, Viper’s Video QuickTags and many more others.

Lester Chan

lester chan

  • Lester Chan is a savvy and gadget lover web developer known by many as the creator of WP-PageNavi which is used by over 7 million WordPress users all around the world. He also created many other free plugins for WordPress like WP-Email, WP-PostRatings, WP-Polls, WP-PostViews, WP-Stats, WP-Sticky, WP-DownloadManager, WP-DBManager and many more other notable WordPress plugins.

Takayaki Miyoshi

takayuki miyoshi

  • Takayaki Miyoshi is a famous web developer and online marketer from Japan who is known for his contribution in creating the most basic and useful Contact Form 7 plugin. This plugin serves as the standard emailing and upload forms for most of the websites run by WordPress today. This plugin is widely used by most of site owners with over 14 million downloads and still counting. He had also developed other notable plugins like Really Simple CAPTCHA, Bogo, Flamingo and others.

Arne Brachhold

arnee bracchold

  • Arne Brachhold is a famous web developer who created numerous plugins for WordPresslike Google XML Sitemaps with over 11 million downloads, one of the top most downloaded plugins of today, Google XML Sitemaps v3 for qTranslate, ImageShackUploader, Google XML Sitemaps with qTranslate Support and many more others which are all highly recognized in creating your WordPress sites.

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