Best WordPress Membership Plugins

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wishlist member

Building your own membership sites is one of the top ways to earn from online business. It is easier to generate good amount of money from building membership sites and the best part is it’s a onetime expense unlike other types of sites that requires you to do all the tedious work with hilarious payment expense. Most of the membership sites offer an only member privileges for their loyal members and with great number of members, you will surely earn a lot from your membership sites.

Most online marketers prefer to create membership sites to exclusively gain a 100% of their income by providing exclusive services for their members as well but if you are new to this line of business make sure you have all the tools and skills on how to create one or else building your own sites won’t give you that much benefits.

What you need in building membership sites:

  • User-friendly publishing platform – if you want the friendliest approach to fully market your business, WordPress is the top answer, no question about it.
  • Good quality contents – always keep your niches interesting that would keep your members from coming back.
  • Membership plugins – use only essential tools and powerful plugins to help you out in earning your daily profit.

Having trouble of what membership plugins to use, you are not alone because most of the online entrepreneur does. You may have the friendliest sites with the help of wordpress with good niches and quality contents but without helpful membership plugins, creating your own membership sites will never be successful.

Here is a list of the best membership plugins for WordPress to help you create the best membership sites:


wp members

WP-Member is one of the most downloaded membership plugins to make your site a membership driven sites with features that are greatly design for WordPress. This plugin can restrict viewers to see specified contents of your sites and only those who are members can view the contents. It can block public viewing of pages, post and other areas. In line with your sites contents, a login or registration form is available for you to sign-up if you want to exclusively view the contents of the sites. WP-Member can create custom registration fields and lets you set required and display fields for new members. This plugin is also very user-friendly, it will send notifications in your admin area if there are new members of your sites and/or hold the newly registered members before you approved their membership status. This plugin will surely help you take control of your membership websites in a very affordable price, for as low as 39.99$ only you can have an access to a single site license of WP-Member or purchase a developer license for 199$ only.

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Digital Access Pass

digital access pass

DAP is one of the top membership plugins that most online marketers love simply because it works well with shopping cart plugins and very easy to handle as well. The features of DAP are design for wordpress to make your membership sites a very easy to manage sites without having too much trouble of compatibility issues. With the use of DAP, you can exclusively provide access to your members using a password and allow your customers to have a peek of that exclusive info you are saving for them like contents on pages and posts, images, audio and video files, PDF files and zip files and more plus if you are running an ecommerce site of your own, you can get in touch with your members by providing them exclusive members only area for promos and other exclusive details of your sites and this plugin also has numerous ways to accept payments as well. You can purchase a copy of DAP for 167$ (1-site), 297$ (unlimited site) and 497$ (membership site in a box).

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WishList Member

wishlist member

WishList Member is a plugin that offers easy and quality solution for people who are looking for a powerful plugin to make their membership sites up and running. This plugin is use over thousands of online marketers worldwide and has numerous great features to offer as well. With the use of WishList Member, you can easily upgrade membership levels into different levels, control your sites viewed contents and view only specific contents for specific levels of members, lets you easily integrate to wordpress, lets you offer a very user-friendly and afoordable membership options, lets you add shopping cart plugins in an instant and more and more features to mention. This plugin also offers a very easy way to download and install after purchasing a copy and with just 97$ a single site license will be given to you, or if you want to fully maximize the features, purchase a Wishlist Member’s multi-site license for 297$ only.

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s2member plugin

S2Member is a powerful plugin for membership sites, you can either use the free version or the S2Member Pro which has 2 available pricing plans, choose between single site license (69$) or the unlimited site license (129$). This plugin has all you need in protecting and securing the contents for your sites members with roles and capabilities on high quality as always. It has a very user-friendly interface perfect for newbie online marketers and lots of very powerful features like multiple payment gateways, membership functionalities, content restriction functionalities, multisite network functionalities, management and tracking compatibilities, social networking compatibilities, and loads of features to offer. This is a great management and control solution for your membership sites. You can now experience a hassle-free management for as low as 69$ only with the use of S2Member plugin.

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aMember Professional

amember professional

aMember Professional is a membership plugin with full features ready to help you run your membership sites. It has the most useful functions, easy and powerful integration not just for wordpress but to other publishing platform as well like XenForo and vBulletin, it has 6 built-in translations available, multiple payment systems, helps your protect your sites folders, posts, files, scripts and other details and more. They also have a very supportive team who will provide you with all the necessary tools and assist you along your way in creating a powerful membership sites, they can even install aMember to your website to help you out in starting your own membership sites. Order your own copy now of aMember Professional for as low as 179.95$ only and it offers a 30-days money back guarantee without any hassle on your part.

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memberwing x

MemberWing-X is an upgraded version of MemberWing plugin especially design for wordpress sites. Just like the older version of MemberWing-X, the aim is to provide a power-packed tools for wordpress sites in creating a membership site of your own in as easy as 1 2 3. It has loads of features to offer for your sites, you can easily set up selling access for your members in the most affordable ways, lets you deliver time-sensitive and critical information to your members, it has a powerful SEO promotions, lets you convert your existing blogs to a fully functional membership sites and more, the best part is you can have as many members as you can with unlimited membership levels to offer as well. You can purchase MemberWing-X licenses in 2 options, either purchase MemberWing-X software only or the MemberWing-X with WordPress Membership University for a detailed tutorial on how to fully maximize the profit of your membership sites. The pricing plans start at 199.95$ for Pro-One and 299.95$ for Pro-Unlimited and TSI Edition for MemberWing software, for MemberWing-X with Membership University Access, the price starts at 319$ up to 399.95$ only.

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