Best Wordress Back-up Plug-ins

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best wordpress back-up plugins

WordPress sites are usually run by many power packed tools including plug-ins to make it more functional and appealing at the same time. It will depend on your chosen niche what kind of plugins you will need. You have to use the right tools and strategies to give your site a head start. In doing so, it will require you to render hours and hours of work to make sure all details will run smoothly from the smallest details to the biggest ones.

If your site has valuable contents or your site members store some important information into your site, you will surely need a powerful back-up plugins so that if anything goes wrong, you can easily restore everything. From time to time most of the plugins, tools, browsers and even wordpress itself are updating. Timely updates may affect the current status of your websites; some of the details may not work as new versions may conflict with the old ones. It may mess up everything you have work for and restoring it may take you to scratch. To avoid this dilemma, the use of back-up plugins may be of your good advantage to easily fix any problem that may arise along the way.

Here is a list of the most powerful back-up plugins to help you choose which one you need for your site:



BlogVault is one of the top companies that offer back-up services for wordpress sites. It is said to have one of the most reliable support staff that guides you through any possible trouble you may encounter while creating a back-up for your site. It has powerful features that are focus in restoring your website in a click of a button. With the help of BlogVault you can easily migrate your site to a new one without a problem, you can be at ease with BlogVault’s multiple back-up of your site to other secure locations, you may check 30 days history of your back-up, and the best part is, you can auto restore everything in a click of a button.

Check out its very affordable pricing plans, you may choose between Personal plan ($89/year), Agency plan ($199/year) or VIP plan ($399/year), plus it offers a 7 days free trial on any plans you may want to purchase.

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Backup Buddy


Backup Buddy is a plugin under that offers powerful backup services. Its 3 main purpose is to help you back-up, restore and move your sites with ease. This plugin can back-up your entire site without a hassle and send a copy of the backup to your desired location. It can send backups to Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP servers and other off-site locations. It can restore your sites fast and easy without a hassle. Migrating from one site to another is not a problem at all with Backup Buddy, it is design to give you comfort in transferring your current running sites to another or even the demo sites to live client domain.

You may choose between 3 available pricing plans of Backup Buddy, Developer plan ($150/unlimited licenses, Business plan ($100/10 licenses), Personal plan ($80/2 licenses). Check out Back-up Buddy’s powerful features today.

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Vaultpress is a famous back-up plug-in that keeps your site safe if anything goes wrong. This is a powerful plug-in that keeps a back-up of your sites. You can easily restore your site if something goes terribly wrong in just a click of a button with Vaultpress one-click database button. You can keep track of your sites and provides real-time information about its current status. This plugin can automatically scan updates on your site every night and saves any changes. You can retrieve archived versions of data from your dashboard. With Vaultpress, you can get help from experts with its concierge service and get special advices on how to restore your files.

You can choose between 3 Vaultpress pricing plans, Lite plan ($5 monthly per site), Basic plan ($15 monthly per site) and Premium plan ($40 monthly per site). Choose the right plans for you.

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Snapshot by WPMU Dev

snapshot wpmu dev

Snapshot is a cheap and effective back-up plugin created by WPMUDev. It has many features that help you create backups of your site in a flash. This plugin allows you to save snapshots as many as you want, you can either save the entire database or individual tables, whichever you way you prefer. You can select as many tables as you want and save a backup of all of it into your Dropbox, ftp server or S3. You may review backup history and set schedule of backup automatically.

This plugin is available at one time expense, without monthly subscription for as low as $19. You may visit WMPU Dev official website and check out its other features, you may also see the available pricing plans on which plan you want to purchase.

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MyRepono is an easy to install plugin for wordpress that backups your sites in an instant. It can backup your databases and your website files into as small as 10% from its original size, it has limitless capacity, it has powerful and effective restoration tools, its compatible with most of the browsers and hosting companies and with very friendly support staff to guide you with your online journey.

MyRepono has unique pricing plans, they only charge for what you use, you may use their estimator to calculate your choice of plans and get enough backup service that you need and you may start your subscription for as low as $5. Check out their services today.

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WordPress Backup to Dropbox

wordpress backup to dropbox

WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a free plugin available for download at Though this is a free plugin, the features are also powerful to give you peace of mind in having a backup of your website right into your Dropbox. With this plugin you can schedule when and often you want to save backup copies of your databases. You just need to have a Dropbox account and you are all set.

Do not worry about account conspiracy while integrating your Dropbox account to your website because this plugin uses OAuth to secure your Dropbox details while using this plugin. The process of installation is very easy well, just download a copy of the plugin and start giving your site kick back into your Dropbox.

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WP DB Manager

wp db manager

WP DB Manager is a free back-up plugin that does its job effectively. This plugin helps you back-up your database, it can repair your sites database and can restore your database if anything goes wrong while updating your site. It has the capability to delete and empty tables and it automatically runs selected queries.

Like most of the back-up plugins, it can be set to automatically optimize and repair your database as well. You may use its automatic scheduling tool to back-up your database regularly. It has numerous versions and timely updated by its developer, it works with most of the new plug-in versions, you may check out to see additional features.

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