IX Web Hosting Coupon Code – June 2021

ixwebhosting coupon code
IX Web Hosting Coupon Code (June 2021)

Are you starting up a new online business venture? How sure are you that you are making the right choices for your unique enterprise? Have you chosen the right web hosting service that suits your preferences and business needs?

IX Web Hosting Coupon for June 2023

coupon code
No coupon needed

Redeemable 10% OFF on all IX Web Hosting Plans.

IX Web Hosting Coupon for June 2023

coupon code
No coupon needed

Additional 33% OFF on Unlimited Pro Hosting Plan.

What is IX Web Hosting?

IX Web Hosting can be the answer to all these uncertainties you have in mind. With this company, they know what exactly you are looking for to begin a unique Internet venture you have in mind. They know what is important and understand what path you must take in order to succeed. The people behind this web hosting company are established Internet marketers and business people who “have been there and have done that.”

At IX Web hosting, price is never compromised with functionality, bandwidth and the fastest web building tools.

Why choose IX Web Hosting?

Experience. Customer Support. Zero-Risk Guarantee. Upgraded Technology. Interactive Community. These are the comprehensive reasons why IX Web Hosting is a sought after company among hosting service companies today.

IX Web Hosting began to dream conquering the world in 1999 when they got their first web hosting customer. Back then, they offer their hosting services from someone else’s living room. But because of dedication and impeccable service technology, they have grown into a global company with customers from around the world. Hence, being in the industry all these years you are assured that you are dealing with someone who knows the real deal in hosting. They have the experience to vouch for whenever the going gets tough.

Aside from experience, IX Web Hosting prioritizes their clientele, which is why only the best customer support is offered by them. They have even devised a company philosophy on this: to provide a more personal and unique customer service experience. With this, the company is returning the many years of trust and confidence that their customers have invested in them. Hence, IX Web Hosting reps are trained not only to answer your calls and chat with you but also to assure that in the process they make you happy.
On top of offering a 30-day money back guarantee, IX Web Hosting likewise offers free hosting. You can say that this is a trial period but this is more of taking a new car for spin—for a full week—to know whether it is the right one for you. And for emphasis, IX Web Hosting won’t charge you for this.

IX Web Hosting’s success largely depends on making every hosted website accessible and available on the web. On top of its 99.9% uptime guarantee, they have a redundant data center they called Tier 3 n+1 that assures every customer website is up and running most of the time.

Finally, an interactive community is likewise available at IX Web Hosting. Simply join or follow them on Twitter or add them on Facebook. These large community have all walks of members so you can exchange ideas, success tools, tutorials and everything you need to help you and your website grow to success.

IX Web Hosting for your Business

Not all who enters into the online business knows what they have entered into. This is why IX Web Hosting have devised the needed tools for these kind of online entrepreneurs. They have this Free Website Creator where you can easily customize without any upselling or added costs. You can even protect your files and media folders because you are ensured that the SSL certificates encrypted on your hosted site are safe and secured from cyber malware, spamming and even bullies. One-click installs for different web applications like Joomla and WordPress is made easier by IX Web Hosting—no need to talk with any technical support in this case. Keeping track of your traffic, sales and business analytics? No need to worry. IX got it all covered for you. What’s more help is always on its way 24/7 whenever you need it.

IX Web Hosting Key Features:

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