IX Web Hosting Review – June 2021

ix web hosting review

One of the main considerations in website creation is choosing the right web hosting. Hosting is the reason behind for every success and failure of any blog or website out there. This perhaps is the reason why choosing the best web hosting service is a critical task made by website owners. Nowadays, there are a long range of hosting service companies that offer a diversity of promos and features to choose from. But none of these could equal what IX Web Hosting could offer for you and your thriving online business success.

What is IX Web Hosting?

IX Web Hosting is a Kentucky-based web hosting company established in the year 1999. They have 150,000 domains that they currently host from their system. It offers budget-saving solutions for their target market—and more! IX Web Hosting aims to deliver products that exceed customer satisfaction and demand. If you are prioritizing on quality, wide expanse of bandwidth, and less important features, you should choose the web hosting service from IX Web Hosting.

ix web hosting review

Features of IX Web Hosting

Like what has already been said, IX Web Hosting offers different web hosting packages that suit your personal and business needs. They are the Expert Plan, Business Plus and Unlimited Pro, and these are available for Linux and Windows-based users. These packages come with a selection of features that you can find for product comparison and a feature list on IX website itself.

Expert Plan offers the following features: unlimited disk space, domains and bandwidth, 2 dedicated IPs and free domain registration, for the price of $3.95/month. Unlimited Pro can be availed for the price of $7.95/month and includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth and hosted domains; up to 15 dedicated IPs and 3 domain registrations for free. Meanwhile, Business Plus includes unlimited disk space, hosted domains, and bandwidth; 2 free domain registrations and 3 dedicated IPs.

Topnotch Selection

On top of these distinct plan features, IX Web Hosting likewise features a website studio, SE submission, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 30-day money back guarantee impeccable technical and customer service support.

When it comes to performance, IX Web Hosting is a pro in this subject. What is more, the company does not oversell their resources: disk space, bandwidth, service performance. You are guaranteed reliable service and a speed unlike no other in contrast to other competing web hosting service providers.

H-spehere Control Panel

IX’s control panel is another strong point that you will take into consideration. They are making use of H-spere control panel, which brings swift performance and impressive layout and design.

If price is your primary consideration, IX Web Hosting is just the right service company for you. You can choose from their array of plan packages that offers different prices and equipped with different feature offerings.

Instincts Matter

Choosing the finest web hosting company is not an easy task to do. While there are ratings and reviews that seem to make the decision-making more difficult, these points are still helpful to put into consideration the web hosting to choose from. It should be a good consideration that experience is always another thing, hence if you think that you are more suited to a certain host despite its imperfection, we advise that you trust your instincts. On top of that, it is very important that you should be comfortable and guaranteed what web hosting you choose.

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