Bluehost Review – June 2021

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A business needs a website these days so it can make it big in the industry. Of course, a free site can be a good start, but if you really want to be successful, it is best that you familiarize yourself with different web hosting services like Bluehost.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost offers the perfect service when price and functionality is what you are looking for. It is the right choice for those who are slowly starting up their business as it has a range of reasonable options coupled with impeccable support system. To start with, Bluehost packages always come with a money-back guarantee of 30 days after signing up on their annual plan. Great savings up to $3.95/month are available to those who sign-up for 2 to 3 years.

Features of Bluehost

The Starter package includes the following: free domain name, free domain transfer, 100GB storage, unlimited data transfers for each month and a single-website hosting ability. The Plus package has an additional tool for spamming, unlimited storage, mailboxes and websites. But the highly-recommended package of all is the Business Pro package as it is inclusive of an IP address, SSL certificate, anti-spamming applications and website backup.
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Web Hosting Package

We believe that the backup tools is a persuasive offering to opt for Bluehost webhosting services. The same is true for the SiteLock domain security, Google Applications for Work and Jumpstart for SEO. All these are automatically included in the event you sign up for the hosting plan. No more hassle in picking and choosing any add-on as all these are covered and tacked by default.

Another good feature as soon as you sign up is that Bluehost always try to upsell their clients to other tools and services offered by them. Among these are: QuickStart coaching session, goMobi mobile builder for websites, Positive SSL certificate and an IP address.

Virtual Servers

You must choose Bluehost when you expect to achieve more traffic, more power and ultimately more income because it has virtual private servers or VPS. With Bluehost, you can enjoy a 4-tier Linux-base VPS ($29.99/month to $119.99/month) while shared plans are available at long-term contracts.

Dedicated Servers

There are a number of dedicated server configurations at Bluehost. Prices start at $149/month inclusive of these specs: Linux OS with up to 1TB hard drive space, 16GB RAM and 15TB data transfers.

Website Creation

There are so many tools for website building at Bluehost, including anit-spam tools, mail management, website collection stats and domain management. For building sites, WordPress platform for content management is used; site creation with Weebly because it is top choice by website builders; file uploads via FTP or File Manager or goMobi. The drag-and-drop of Weebly’s function options allows for quick and attractive page building completion equipped with slideshows, social media links, contact forms plus more. You can either choose for Weebly’s free or paid version but an upgrade is always advised as it gives more flexibility to your website. There is also the Mojo Marketplace for a separate interface for your content-management.

WordPress-based Hosting Service

Bluehost offers a WP hosting package that allows for an automotive website plugins and backup updates. Here you can choose for the following: blogger, professional, business and enterprise plans.

You do not need to have CMS installed since Bluehost already preinstalled it. After you logged in, you can start manoeuvring your posts, galleries and pages. Your website traffic is measured by Bluehost based on visits but it is changed as soon as you register for an Enterprise plan. Bluehost allow you to freshly start a WP installation or import a direct one. You can browse the market for additional apps and themes.

Should you plan not to set up a WordPress site, you are takem by Bluehost to Mojo Marketplace so you can install the application.


Having a website means having an email account and with Bluehost you can be able to create at least 100 email addresses even through its basic plan. Other plans even have unlimited email addresses feature.

An email account setup in Bluehost is made easy. You simple click on the email account control panel and create the email once. Along with password setting, you can assign storage spaces or simply allow that they be unlimited.


You can have tools for email marketing like DaDa Mail, a software that allows you to send subscriber list via email newsletters. Magnet0, TransFirst and ShopSite applications for online stores and payment gateways, you are able to make an eye-catching store by a simple drag-and-drop technique. Magneto is very flexible especially for small and starting businesses, time savings are worth it. PostgreSQL and MySQL is also supported by Bluehost.

Premium-Grade Security Features

Bluehost security features are reason for its hefty cost. To begin with, it has 3 anti-spamming tools: Apache Spam Assassin, Spam Hammer and Spam Experts, and hotlink protection. You can even build filters for password directories, email user and account, IP address blacklist, and manage digital certificates and private keys. They also have SSH access which means that the admin have access to a particular configuration files.

Cloudfare is also offered, which improves security and performance features of Bluehose. This feature is an impressive one in case you like your site to have SSL or that you are anxious about denial of service distribution attacks your website.

Customer Support Service

24/7 service is offered for telephone support, ticket-based, online chat and knowledge base by Bluehost. They have customer service representative who can walk you through the steps in case you experience difficulties or any troubleshooting. You are guaranteed not to be on hold for more than 3 minutes! This is the kind of service you seem to not find anywhere these days.

In summary, you are dealing with a respectable and decent web hosting service. On top of that, among Bluehost’s features and user experience, its security options are highly-recommendable.

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