10 Built-in Options for WordPress Publishers—Get to Know Them

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New WordPress releases are oftentimes much-awaited and great salutation. The fanfare is mainly because a lot of people these days are WordPress users and the latest releases are made convenient and secure to use.

The WordPress 3.4 was introduced with a range of built-in WordPress options that are very advantageous for you and me. (Note: before you proceed any further reading this article must have downloaded the said version otherwise there is no point in reading this post.)

So, here are the 10 built-in options for WordPress publishers which you must get to know and understand.

1.Live Preview

This is found just below every inactive theme of the page that says “Manage Themes.” When you click the link, a new page will pop out to show what the site will look like once theme is applied while your visitors view the current theme. “Live Theme Preview” benefits you so that the theme can be applied to a live site. This option gives you a full live view before you make up your mind.


It is found just above the left navigation bar of your screen. It is bundled with the live preview option that allows a quick-edit and view the tagline and website title, colors, images of the header and background, front page and navigation. Simply click the Save button to activate the changes; cancel in case you want more changes on the themes. It is all that simple.

3.Tweet Embedding

This is easy but it is not getting simpler. To do this, all you need to do is to copy the URL to the WordPress editor. You must ascertain though that you do the right copy and paste the entire URL of the tweet and you put the exact separate line. You will see then that all the links are active.

4.HTML Image Captions

Among the built-in options listed here, this one’s not a favourite. A lot of WordPress users overtime tend to be frustrated on how it is difficult to perfect adding HTML to photo captions. The problem being the inability to create caption links. Thank heavens this is now easier with 3.4.

5.YouTube Embedding

This is the same as the previous item about tweet embedding and this one is not new too. A lot of WordPress publishers have been using this option for a while especially since YouTube is such a wildfire sensation these days. With YouTube embedding option you can customize the dimensions—height and width.

6.Splitting via Page Break

Longer posts are often divided to several pages in the website. This brings functionality to your WordPress posts. So in case you would like to end a page and move it to another, simply paste this HTML code your page editor: “<!-nextpage->”

7.Read More to Proceed

A lot of people are not aware how to use this built-in option or how it does is handy to some. If you do not have a homepage set for the excerpts, it will just show the whole posts except when WordPress is made to shorten them at a point and then make people link to the entire post. The “Read More” built-in option does this very well and you do not even have to control the HTML editor.

8.Simple HTML Editors

WordPress has very easy WYSIWG editor. In no time, you will feel at ease using the said editor. At times, it is easy to control HTML changes with this Visual editor but for this to work basic skills in HTML is needed. This will offer more flexibility as regards how you personalize the look of every post.

9.Size Box

This particular feature does not change when you control HTML but the default size is very small for your needs so you can make easy changes with it. You will see this on the dashboard, just left of the navigation bar. Click the link under the Settings button. The button you see is the Size Box button.

10.Screen Display Options

There are several display options for you so you can edit posts on your screen. This is rather sad as some people do not take advantage of it. This particular WordPress option is easy to use.

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