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Many bloggers and site owners love to use the themes under Thesis Theme Framework because of so many reasons. To describe Thesis Theme Framework in one word, that word is “powerful”, the themes under Thesis Theme are absolutely one of the most powerful frameworks ever created for WordPress. Thesis Theme is designed to match up with WordPress’ system and it can surely live up to the fusion of creating a very user-friendly layout combined with a very solid framework as foundation for every website.

Most of the bloggers would prefer to use WordPress as their publishing platform tool because of its very user-friendly framework. Thesis Theme Framework is one of the premium template developers for WordPress and the team behind Thesis Theme has done a really good job in creating the best premium templates in the market today. For newbie bloggers, a theme with a very easy framework to customize can be very handy and that is what Thesis Theme Framework is all about.

Why choose Thesis Theme Framework?

The answer is simple. It is simply powerful, SEO optimized and customizable for all users. It offers a wide variety of options, powerful features and awesome functionalities. As a blogger, of course you don’t want to settle for any less, if you want a purely awesome framework, Thesis Themes will surely work great for you.

What are the reasons why thousands are using thesis themes?

46,307 people are using Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme is a premium template developer that is used by thousands of online marketers for any type of websites. If you want to purchase Thesis Themes, you will be offered an overall package to give your site the best tools. Over 46,307 people are using Thesis Theme and the numbers of users are still growing and many are happy about the Thesis Theme’s overall features.

Let’s take a look at what Thesis Theme has to offer:

Thesis Site Options

Thesis Theme Framework is known to be remarkably efficient because of its easy to use controls. You can customize almost every page of your site into something different and unique because it has very advanced features and functions where you can customize your site in any way you want it to look like.

Thesis Design Options

In customizing your Thesis Theme page, you don’t have to memorize and know every piece of code to use because you can customize your page without having to know about programming since the team behind Thesis Theme has provided you all the necessary elements in creating a very powerful page. Let the team do the hard work for you because Thesis Theme is designed to give comfort and ease to every blog site owner. Thesis Theme has a revolutionary layout generator that allows you to customize all possible layouts that you want for your site without touching any code from its solid framework. You can easily choose which combinations you want to use and you can have it all, the look and feel that perfectly matches your taste. You can try different combinations of layout and create something very unique from simple layout options.

Thesis Header Image

Thesis Theme offers auto resizing of images for header images, you can easily browse the image of your choice and Thesis will be happy to resize the images for you. No hassle in creating your header images and very easy to do as well.

Thesis Favicon Uploader

Having problems with using favicons? With Thesis everything is settled because they have all the possible answers to your blog. You can upload your chosen favicon, hassle-free.

Thesis Custom File Editor

With advanced features of Thesis Theme Framework, you can easily edit the CSS codes. You may do this at your comfort and everything is too easy. You don’t need to very techie when it comes to coding, a simple knowledge about codes will do because Thesis Theme is designed for a much easier access of creating the most powerful frameworks for WordPress blogs.

Thesis Options Manager

Thesis also offers options manager that allows you to easily upload the options of your choice like site options and designs options.

Thesis Preview

Thesis theme may look boring and plain on preview. But you can spice it up by adding a skin. Here is a sample of what I have by adding a skin from kolakube. Now we have a nice looking design and a powerful framework!

Supportive Thesis Theme Staff

When you purchase Thesis Theme Framework, the team behind Thesis will guide and help you along the way to the success of your page. The team is very willing to help you in any way possible to make your site a very successful site in the online world. The team is equipped with all the technical tools to give you insights on how to create the most powerful site. The team is composed with professional individuals that are willing to give the highest quality of support that you need.

Improve Your SEO

With the use of Thesis Theme Framework, your site can rank high because of its fast well coded framework. Your site will get the highest possible exposure it needs to make it visible to rank in top one. Thesis Theme is designed as SEO friendly and that helps your site’s visibility on the web.

Faster Page Loads

Thesis Theme Framework is a very powerful framework that allows you to create a balance of look and usability that is why many online marketers are using Thesis Themes. There are thousands of themes that are nicely done but very poor in performance. With thesis theme you don’t have to worry about creating a powerful site since it is bound to have a great performance as well that can load faster than any other types of themes. The themes are designed to give flexibility and style for owners and you don’t have to settle for any slow loading pages. Heavy loading sites will eventually lose thousands of prospect visitors each minute the site is taking longer to load but with Thesis Theme, they don’t let that happen. Most of the successful online marketers are using Thesis Theme and they are making a lot of money by using themes running on Thesis Theme Framework.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

The best thing about purchasing Thesis Theme is its risk free and cost effective purchasing system. Thesis Theme offers a 30 days money back guarantee. This purchasing agreement is just perfect for individuals who don’t want to take a risk in paying something that they are not sure of but Thesis Theme assures you that 30 days is enough to make you fall in love with their very powerful framework perfect for site owners who are looking for the best theme framework because Thesis Theme has everything you need.

Thesis Theme framework has come a long way in giving satisfaction and services for its customers. The team behind Thesis Theme is living up to its vision in providing the best and the most powerful theme framework for any type of site that you want to create. The best part of their journey is the constant support that they are willing to extend for their customers who need their help. Thesis Theme has done a really great job in both extending support and giving updates to their customers almost every week and all you have to do is to add a killer content and your site will keep running smoothly. Enjoy using Thesis Themes!

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