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wp robot review

WP Robot Review

WP Robot is the most advanced plugin for autoblogging. It is best in the market and highly recommended by online marketers. With WP Robot, you won’t have to waste time writing articles or spending money hiring a freelance writer. WP Robot can automatically pull content and post on your WordPress site. Whether you are looking to promote Amazon products, ebay auctions or Commission Junction products, WP Robot can do it all.

Here is a list of products that WP Robot supports:

  • Amazon products
  • Clickbank ads
  • eBay auctions
  • Commission Junction products
  • Youtube videos
  • Yahoo Answers Q&A’s
  • EzineArticles articles
  • Flickr images
  • Yahoo News
  • RSS feeds
  • Linkshare products
  • PRWeb Press Releases
  • Oodle Classifieds
  • Shopzilla Comparisons
  • Twitter tweets
  • PLR articles
  • Eventful events
  • iTunes content
  • Yelp business reviews
  • ShareASale datafeeds
  • Avantlink products

And that’s not all, WP Robot can translate any post using Google Translate. This powerful feature will help you create content that targets outside the English market. For instance, you ou can create unique content that targets the French market with this cool feature.

Setting up your first autoblog with WP Robot is easy and a breeze. There are detailed documentation and videos available. The support team at WP Robot is also very helpful and fast in responding. In fact, it took less than an hour for them to get back to me when I sent them an email. To really learn more about WP Robot, I have created a case study to show you how I setup my autoblog using WP Robot.

Case Study: Camera Review Autoblog Using WP Robot

wp robot review camera website

In this example, I am going to show you how to use WP Robot to create a camera review autoblog by pulling content from Amazon automatically. I am using the full version of WP Robot which includes the Amazon module.

First you need to go to Options page and request for an API Key and Secret Access Key from Amazon. Next, just filled up your Amazon Affiliate ID and save your options.

wp robot review amazon options

Now go to Campaign page and add a new campaign. I typed in the most popular camera brands as the keywords and used camera for the categories. I set it to automatically post a new camera review every 24 hours.

wp robot add new campaign

Now we need to create a template to tell WP Robot how to display the look of new posts. Go to load template preset and click the drop down menu and select Amazon Default. This will help you create a working Amazon Template instantly. You can tweak the settings after that to customize how your new posts will look like from there.

wp robot review template preset

wp robot review templates

Let’s move on to optional settings, I just left it at default. Click create campaign to complete it.

wp robot review optional settings

Now click click Post Now 3 times to add 3 new posts to generate 3 camera reviews.

wp review post new

Here is the home page of my camera review autoblog. As you can see WP Robot is able to create post thumbnails for our blog which makes it look really professional. Just make sure your theme supports post thumbnail to make it work.

wp robot review camera home page

Here is how the post page looks like. The descriptions are pulled from Amazon and the Buy button contains our Amazon affiliate code. Customer reviews are also pulled from Amazon and displayed neatly.

wp robot review camera post page


All this process of setting up my first autoblog took less than 30 minutes to complete and is easier than I thought.

At first, the create campaign page may look intimidating with so much options, but with the default template presets available, you will be able to load a template and tweak from there.

The only problem with autoblog is duplicate content from Amazon. But this problem can be solved by using The Best Spinner or Spinner Chief to auto rewrite the content. Both programs are supported by WP Robot and is a must if you are looking at creating autoblogs with unique contents.

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