10 Persuasive Ways to Pre-Sell Your Brand Online

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online preselling
Marketing a brand, product and service is easier when you have a solid pre-selling strategy in mind. To further understand this idea of pre-selling, it is best that you read this blog entry we have prepared for you.

1. Think like a Shopper

…but a shopper walking your way around the supermarket. In this particular place, you are going to see some fella offering product samples on some aisles for you. There are times when these people look off as they just stand on the corner with their products at hand—ice cream, sausage, wine, etc.—while waiting for people to see what they have to offer and walk away to return to their shopping.

This perhaps is a common thing to keep supermarket customers happy as they shop around. Of course, this works both ways. If the shoppers are happy, the company of that product promotion is likewise happy. The product sample is the key to increase sales dramatically.
preselling shopper

2. What makes a sample great?

Samples represent a tidbit of your brand (your work) and yourself. For example, if you are selling a particular brand of soap then you must understand that the sample of that product is not only the soap but the reason behind why you created it in the first place.

In the case of books, content samples offer an overview of your work to your reader not just how you write but likewise what you represent and who you are as the author.

Remember that your client has no idea of your product, service and brand and so to establish connection with them samples will be a great idea to give them a new perspective of what you are marketing to them.
preselling great

3. The importance of sampling

You should understand that sampling is the most amazing idea of all! But the idea of sampling is weaved from many years back that most people think that the concept is already underrated. So you must take a deep breath first and absorb if you truly want to indulge with the idea of sampling.
preselling samples

4. The pressure of discounts

STOP. The idea of product/brand sampling is the discount madness. Actually, offering one will vary. Truth is, the sample gives away your profits. You should choose to stop such madness. In turn, samples can a different mode even at a high cost. Discounts will just hinder you from gaining more profits than you deserve.
preseeling discount madness

5. Increase the awareness

Habit, as humans we have this nature of adapting to something then turn it to a habit. With sampling, a habit can be broken. Your brand sample will be able force your brain to set your eyes on a particular goal. Focus. And this will show once you have noticed the sudden change from your target audience, that is, if indeed the brand that stands your product or service is just as good as you think. This means that your target audience will not only come back for more of your brand but all that it represents.
preselling awareness increase

6. Introducing the lateral growth

Lateral growth is actually the effect mentioned in item #5. It is such growth brought about by good brand sampling. It is that where your prospect recognizes your offers, products or service from the rest despite the competition. It is as if that they can already link anything to your brand that they keep on coming back for more.
preselling lateral growth

7. Content marketing’s role

Content does a bit or two for your brand sampling. They somehow chop the odd ones from the not so that it will leave you with one that is pure and refined. This only means that you are simply giving the highlights of your brand to your audience to captivate their attention.
preselling content marketing

8. Final sale made less scary

With sampling, the risk of making a purchase is low but on a different perspective. It is done first by giving away your story, philosophy, business, etc. Although this may mean a lot of work, you have to look at what it can do to you in the end. Pre-selling will cut your work equally to half and allow you to earn more than enough!
preselling sale

9. Take our advice and you’ll see

Some of the pre-sellers these days begin in advance; some six or seven months earlier. Some even at one year. We do not advice the weekly pre-selling scheme as the process and results will not be helpful on your end. On our end, we want it slow yet steady, sure and consistent insofar as building up your brand. Indeed, sampling is one of the best methods to achieve the exposure you want your brand to have. Well, the other two will be discussed in a separate blog post entry so watch out for it!
presellign advice

10. It’s up to you

At the end of the day, it is all up to you. Now that we have given you the idea, it is your turn whether to follow or not. Remember that customer tends to think before they purchase. Pre-selling something to them through your samples will surely entice them. And get back to us once you did not make that sale after reading this.
preselling up to you

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