10 Richest Bloggers and their Hefty Paychecks

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Blogging has become part of every person’s household these days but before that the innovation was first started by the simultaneous creation of tools for blogging in 1999. Since then blogging has reached a milestone where most people interact regularly.

Blogs these days vary in content and genre. Writers too a.ka. bloggers have stepped on new heights when it comes to blogging too. Writing one’s own blog is not also the trend but contributing to another person’s blog has become the in-thing. There is also the fad to enjoy reading blogs and commenting on them, which in summary becomes a great pie of a person’s online experience.

But the fun in blogging does not stop there. Most people these days chose to make blogging as part of their lifestyle—and their source of living. Speaking of which, we have delve into the earnings of some of the hotshots in the world of blogging and we came into a conclusion that these people are in the perfect path of their career. These people are living proofs that blogging is a lucrative profession but not many people understand that. So, for you to not to lose hope, here are the uber successful bloggers of the world and their immense income every month!

Ewdison Then

SlashGear.com’s co-founder and executive editor, is earning at least $50,000 every month. His blog targets tech and electronic consumers and update them with the latest news in the industry. Aside from that, he is also a publisher and Chief Executive Officer of R3 Media LLC. Generally, the hefty income of Ewdison Then is generated from PPC advertising. He employs 13 people for his enterprise which means that he has incredibly small overhead expense. Then’s website is also one of the most topnotch blog powered by WordPress.

Richard MacManus

A whopping $60,000 a month is the secret why this guy affords the luxury of life. Before founding his Readwriteweb.com, he was first enjoying the nice view of the New Zealand fields. He currently employs a great number of writers but he likewise has a knack for writing articles for his website.

Matt Marshall

He was an audacious journalist before he started to rock the blogging world in 2006. His website VentureBeat is an informative blog that focus on an array of topics—not only tech news which was the niche he became popular with. Marshall’s blog was able to create a network of tech-specialized sites that encompass worldwide technology, money, finance and investment contents. VentureBeat offers a mass of information to readers and co-bloggers who are interested in getting to know money-making tips, business techniques, investment trends and other aspects of becoming rich! With a monthly salary range of $50,000 to $100,000, Matt Marshall continue to make his blog up to date with fresh articles everyday!

Jake Dobkin

He became famous because of the Gothamist.com blog he put up some years ago covering a plethora of article genre; from food, current events and art. It is a hotchpotch of everything interesting and informative. You want news? You can have it here. Interested in a particular cuisine? Tick the food section of the Gothamist page. Before Dobkin became a hotshot blogger, he started the Gothamist with life features of New York life, which ultimately grew to 13 key cities of the world. The blog now covers the fantastic life in London, Toronto and Shanghai. Now earning approximately $110,000, Dobkin was a former urban photographer before he decided to make blogging his source of living.

Gina Trapani

Gracing this list as the only woman high-earning blogger is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lifehacker.com, Trapani is also creating a lot of noise in the social media industry. Her latest venture is becoming a part of Gizmodo and Gawker Blog Empire. When Trapani started Lifehacker, what she had in mind was to find ways to improve one’s lifestyle and make things better for her readers. No doubt she did not fail on that goal. Lifehacker now has transformed the lives of its readers and further encourage them to share tips and ideas on making life easier every day. To date, Gina Trapani enjoys a monthly earning of $110,000 for her blogging efforts.

Collis Ta’eed

He is the owner of TutsPlus, a unique blog that contributes contents to immensely popular blogs today. It is an informative website for developing skills as it offers a compilation of lectures, tutorials and other educational stuff created to inform readers about particular software and design tools. Ta’eed’s TutsPlus brings you tutorials that allow you the mastery of photo downloading to technical software application. The blog did not made the owner earn at least $120,000 monthly but likewise share some bulk of it with his site visitors and members! Ta’eed likewise allows his followers to earn-money by writing articles for the site. So in case you need some help producing your music or you just simply have brilliance in creating a tutorial about a particular activity, you can actually look-up for TutsPlus for more information.

Vitaly Friedman

He founded the SmashingMagazine.com for website designers and the Smashing Network back in 2009 to feature the best blog designs of the world. A great bulk of Friedman’s earning of at least $150,000 a month is generated from ad banners alone—and does not include his affiliate revenues. The popularity of Friedman’s SmashingMagazine is due to the fact that the site helps every web designer and developer to achieve their respective goal through its informative tips, up-to-date news and innumerable guides and tutorials made by industry experts.

Timothy Sykes

Interested in making lots of money? Then checkout TimothySykes.com on the wide range of how to’s on that department. It likewise includes inspirational stories of successful investment in stocks and financing, etc. The blog is a work of an expert in stocks where he generated around $2 million per month from his stock operations alone. This is alongside what he earns from his successful blog. While his day job may be a little stressful and competitive, Sykes did not stop there and instead continue to write articles which eventually captivated the world. But of course, Sykes did not have it all overnight—he started small too. In fact, he was first a penny stock scam geek before becoming a rich man today. Today, his blog earns a whopping $180,000 and besides blogging and stocks, he also trains people how to be like him.

Mario Lavanderia a.k.a. Perez Hilton

His name is an authority in blogging since he launched his PerezHilton blog in 2005. His authentic and unique style of writing made him actually a rich man today with a monthly pay of $400,000. Lavanderia’s blog is specifically intended for celebrity gossips, scandals and news. The hottest and loudest stars like Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan or the Kardashians can be read on this site. PerezHilton is the hotcake of Hollywood information.

Pete Cashmore

His pictures will tell you that he can be a model, an actor or someone from Hollywood but no, he is actually big-shot blogger and rich man at that! Cashmore is the founder and CEO of the famous Mashable blog which brings us interesting entertainment news, lifestyle tips, social media trends, business ideas and technology bits nowadays. It is not only the largest independent blog site but an award-winning one as well. It is very influential and a wide-read blog when you want news about digital and social media. But before Mashable became a success, Cashmore had to conceptualize everything from his Scotland bedroom back when he was 19-year-old bloke. Today, Cashmore is not only the handsomest—and hottest—richest but also the youngest blogger with a hefty monthly earning of at least $600,000.

Michael Arrington

He is not only the TechCrunch founder but also is famously tagged as the “prophet of Silicon Valley.” His masterpiece blog is an authority today in tech news and amongst article lover. His blog is one-stop platform for anything that is about technology.

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